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December 18, 2018


We simply love Sue’s winter woolly here at Wright’s, made with our Toffee cake mix which, along with our Madeira is a great base for celebration cakes – of course her decoration is “Sueperb”!

We enjoy many of your Christmas bakes – especially the Rudolph cakes made by Wright’s Office Manager, Karrie and our Chocolate Fudge cake mix. Topped with chocolate butter icing and using red icing for his nose. Cut pieces of Curly Wurly have been used for antlers or you could also go for chocolate pretzels.

@MrCakeyBoi tweeted us with a great recipe for Christmas Bark made using Wright’s Ginger cake mix. I know some of you Ginger fans won’t be able to wait until Christmas for this one!

Edith has a delicious recipe for us here, this time its Toffee cake mix with Christmas pudding crumbled into the mix and a brandy liqueur chocolate placed in the centre! Edith used 200g of crumbled up Christmas pudding in the 500g pack of our cake mix. The cakes are decorated with Christmas pudding flavoured butter cream, a rice paper snowflake and decorative mini Christmas trees! So if you were wondering what to do with your leftover pudding – you can crumble it into any of our cake mixes and make it go further – adding a festive flavour to your bakes!

Edith went on to create this lovely Spiced Christmas cake – with our Ginger mix – this would make a wonderful gift too!

Quick cupcakes made with our cake mixes give you more time for decoration – like Andrea’s two tone butter cream creations here.

Oh Linda, how fabulously festive – “your Ginger cake surrounded by Gingerbread houses!  Thanks so much Linda it is gingerlicious!

Margaret has created these “mini Christmas puddings made with half a packet of Chocolate Fudge mix cooked in mini muffin tins for 10 minutes then turned upside down and iced with fondant holly and glacé cherry. I got 24 which cost about £1 for all these”. Brilliant idea Margaret showing that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to enjoy a “Wright” nice little treat – thanks so much for sharing these.

As the excited children break up from school for the Christmas holidays, good Grandmothers like Maureen Smith make these cute cupcakes for the teachers quick & easily with our cake mixes
Now, someone is in for a “Wright” treat!

Oh Edith – I think this is a “Wright” classy Christmas cake! Created with our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix and deliciously decorated with Edith’s homemade toppers (except the little candy canes) bring on more ideas on how to really enjoy the Christmas chocolate fest!

The genius with our Ginger cake mix strikes as Kevin aka The Crafty Larder has put together these gorgeous Ginger & Whisky Bundtlettes – seasonally superb and something I will be serving over the festive period and I hope you will enjoy them too.

Pretty Christmas Cupcakes created by Jackie here using our Madeira mix – delightfully decorated with candy canes – I love these cute Christmas bakes!

I have fallen in love with Edith’s baubles! Very clever, overload your cupcake with mix – Edith used our Orange Cake Mix – ¾’s fill your cupcake case so you achieve a nice rounded top to cover in fondant. To complete the effect, a little red liquorice can be bent into a mini marshmallow or blob of icing. Delighted with this idea!

I do love Claire’s Rum Truffles which she made, with our Chocolate Fudge Cake mix for her family at Christmas. They would also make a nice gift – they yield loads so say 15 could stay and 15 could go!

We love Lucia’s cake made using our Chocolate Fudge cake mix – there is a whole lot of Maltesers and what a wonderful way to use up all those Christmas sweets hanging around!
The ‘Xmas Pudding’ is a Madeira mix cooked in Pyrex bowl covered in ganache with white chocolate top. There are M & M sweets hidden inside and it’s another great bake from Linda!

Lyndsay’s lovely  Christmas Cake that she created with our Madeira cake mix a few years ago – I still love this one!

I got it, I got it, I got it – well, actually I was given it!  Credit where credit is due – we all want an instant fruit cake at this time of year and Chris from Enfield has kindly provided me with one by simply taking a pack of our Madeira mix and adding jar of mincemeat to it.  Chris only used half the amount of vegetable oil required (30ml) due to the suet within the mincemeat and added 200ml of water to the mix.  Because of the juice within the cake, it took a little longer to cook than normal.  This provided a fabulously festive flavour throughout the cake.  Chris will be trying our Carrot Cake Mix next time for a darker, spicier cake and I look forward to more photographs of that!  Thanks for this delightful recipe Chris.

Then this recipe became famous and everyone was having a go so we had to write a recipe for it – click here for this one.

Carole created her instant fruit cake with our Orange Cake Mix in a loaf tin – nice for slicing.

I am so grateful to Christine for finding us on Instagram over the weekend. OK – here we go, Christine “tried this as a bit of an experiment but am so pleased with the result. Orange cake mix baked with Cranberry mincemeat cake …. smells exactly like Christmas”. It looks amazing – thanks.

Shelia also found us on Instagram and said she had “just made this Madeira cake adding a jar of Christmas mincemeat & mixed spice – it smells delicious and looks so good I can’t wait to cut and taste it!”  Thanks Shelia – I don’t think that one is going to last long!

Another instant fruit cake for my collection has been made by Clair using our Orange Cake Mix and a 320ml jar of mincemeat.  This has been baked easily in a 2lb loaf tin and said by Clair to be “really tasty”!

Thanks so much Sue for making this up with our Madeira Cake Mix this time – gosh these cake mixes are versatile aren’t they? Sue made up the pack of Madeira adding just 30ml of oil and then folded in the 320g jar of mincemeat. This beauty was for her local village Church Fete so I hope she was able to resist it – Sue confirmed she will be making one for herself again before Christmas. This creates a marvellously moist cake and is definitely something to enjoy.

OK last one made with our awesome Orange Cake & a 320ml jar of mincemeat + 200ml water & just 30ml of oil.  It would appear that I am not the only one with my eye on this one – Alfie the dog seems to be pleading for a piece too – he got a no tho!

I thought you may like to see the Christmas Candy Cane cake Linda made using our marvellous Madeira cake mix. This cake was made in a silicone mould available from Lakeland.

I love a Battenberg and so does Rob – he does his with a slight twist like they do on The Great British Bake Off – a lovely idea for a Christmas  centrepiece for any of you who fancy a go! 

The beauty of baking at home is reflected in our Panettone recipe & in our Christmas Blog. You usually bake with whatever the family favourite is and not with what the family doesn’t like! For example, I love Panettone & the perfect one for me contains no fruit peel nor green angelica – so I am best making it in order to omit those ingredients. If your favourite type of cake is more of a chocolate Dundee type of cake (not a Dundee cake at all) then Till’s lovely Chocolate & Orange cake with blanched almonds is certainly for you!

All good wishes, Deb the Bread

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