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Savoury Garlic, Tomato & Onion Rolls

  • SERVES: 10


Premium White Bread Mix 500g
  • Premium White Bread Mix 500g
  • 500g Wrights Premium White bread mix
  • 320ml Warm Water
  • 1 Medium sized Onion - finely chopped
  • 1 Medium sized Tomato - diced
  • 60g Garlic & Herb Bread Crumbs
  • 60g Sage & Onion Stuffing
  • 200 ml Boiling Water
  • 1 heaped Tablespoon Tomato Puree
  • 100g Traditional Block - Margarine
  • 1 clove Garlic - crushed
  • 1 Size 4 Egg (beaten)




Make up the Premium White Bread mix to the instructions on the pack.
Whilst the dough is resting, combine the garlic & herb breadcrumbs with the sage & onion stuffing and 200 ml of boiling water then add the finely chopped the onion, garlic and diced tomato.
Add the tomato purée and mix ingredients to a smooth consistency.
Flour a flat surface and roll out the dough into a rectangle 30cm by 20cm and spread the surface of the dough with the margarine.
Fold the edges of the dough towards the centre, making sure the fat is covered.
Allow the dough to rest then roll out again to a rectangle 30 x 20cm and fold into 3.
Allow the dough to rest then roll the dough out a further time into a rectangular shape 30 x 20cm.
Spoon the savoury stuffing mixture into the centre of the dough leaving the 2 long edges clear. Brush one edge of the dough with some of the beaten egg then fold towards the other edge, pressing firmly to seal.
Cut into approx. 10 equal portions and again brush each piece well with beaten egg, and place onto a greased, warmed baking tray.

“Deb, I wanted to write and thank Wright's Baking for rescuing my bread machine from the top of the kitchen cupboard. I bought it a few years ago (a Panasonic SD-253) and, despite following the instructions to the letter, I never managed to get a good soft loaf out of it. After a while it got put on the top of the cupboard where it stayed for about a year until a friend at work suggested getting a Wright's Bread Mix pack. I bought the Premium White and followed the simple instructions. I was amazed by the soft texture of the bread and so pleased that my machine could actually produce a good loaf. On the strength of that loaf, I ordered 15 assorted packs on your web site and every one has been perfect so far. Today in Sainsbury's I spotted your Toffee cake and it has just finished. I think my boys will be very happy when they come home from school ! Kind Regards,"

Simon Edwards

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