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Our Lovely Valentine Bakes

February 9, 2021

Our Lovely Valentine Bakes

I love Chris’s heart shaped cake featured here – made with our Ginger cake mix.  For those of you who mean it, but just want to say it simply this Valentine’s Day!

My favourite Valentine’s Day cupcake is our Valentine’s Surprise with a little cherry filling in the centre. Cherries and chocolate are lovers surely!

We also have our wonderful Whoopie Pies.

I hope our Valentine’s Day ‘Lovers Hearts‘ recipe may have found its way back into your hearts and in particular, your stomachs!  Lovely heart shaped rolls, rolled from a strand of Premium White bread mix, proved and baked.  Decorated with a cherry and drizzled with water icing.

These Rum Truffles yield around 30 good sized goodies.  Perfect for sharing around this Valentines weekend.

Thanks so much to Rosemary for sending in her beautifully decorated Madeira cake that she made for her wedding anniversary which falls on Valentine’s Day.

I had to show off one of Jackie’s ideas for Valentines Day – using our mixes – I love the chocolate spoons – perhaps a spoon each and a cake to share?  Perfect for Valentines celebrations!

At the close of a romantic meal, the perfect finish may be as simple as a slice of Ginger cake garnished with a dollop of whipped cream and grated ginger, or a wedge of Chocolate Fudge cake served with bowl of ice cream and a hot fudge sauce.

I couldn’t resist sharing this cake from a few years ago when love was definitely in the air and Nichola sent in this picture of a very special cake made with our Madeira Mix for someone who was going to pop the question! What a wonderful way of asking someone to marry you – it would have to be a yes from me as I couldn’t say  no to such a lovely cake!

Moire baked this lovely Orange & Passion Fruit Cake for Valentine’s Day.  I just love the heart shape made from the passion fruit seeds!  Made with our Orange Cake Mix and with the remaining seeds mixed in with the butter cream I bet this was delicious – lovely idea too.

Icing sugar or cocoa powder lightly dusted over the tops of homemade Wright’s cakes makes a nice finishing touch. Lacy doilies placed over the cake before dusting makes wonderful lacy patterns, or create your own stencils using parchment paper cut into lovely designs such as hearts, stars, flowers or diamonds – yes girls – we like diamonds at this time of year!

Another great way to dust a cake is to use a stencil twice using both icing sugar and cocoa powder. Place the stencil on top of the cake and dust with cocoa powder. Carefully remove the stencil and be very careful not to disturb the cocoa powder, and place the stencil on top of the cake again, this time making sure that the openings are on the parts of the cake that have not been dusted with cocoa powder. Dust with icing sugar, remove the stencil and voila! You get a very graphic two-toned design. What could be better than Wright’s cakes that you made at home – with love!

We love Mo’s cake here created with our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix and decorated in sweets for her sweet!

Adapted from our fabulously festive Stained Glass Gingerbread Biscuits,  Karen Mary kindly made these delicious biscuits with our Ginger Mix and Fox’s Glacier Fruit sweets – if you hold it up above your mouth it is like seeing your Valentine in rose tinted glasses!

How about this recipe for a marvellous Strawberry Madeira Mousse Cake.  A real wow factor for Valentines Day with the strawberry slices looking like hearts in a glaze of jelly.  A really delicious recipe idea you will want to make again and again.  Only half a pack of Madeira was used – so good value – you could make a few cupcakes or another base for a mousse cake with the remainder.

Well someone ordered their rice paper toppers in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day! Nice one Edith – we just love your cupcakes made with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix!

Cherry Blossom Cakes have created this gorgeous heart shaped pizza, made with our Ciabatta bread mix, which they say “they love so much!”  Thanks – there is a lot of love going on here with this happy heart shaped scrumptiousness!

Thanks Janet who tweeted us @Wrightsbaking with this heavenly hidden heart cake formed from our Chocolate Fudge cake mix with added chocolate ganache.  This started as coloured Madeira from our mix and when baked and cooled, cut into 4cm slices. Using a 5cm cutter, stamp out the hearts (saving any remaining cake for a trifle or another treat).   Then make up the Chocolate Fudge by adding the necessary oil and water and pour 3?4 of it into a loaf tin.  Push the bottoms of the hearts into the batter in a tightly packed row. Spoon over the remaining Chocolate Fudge mix, covering as much of the hearts as possible. Bake for 50 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.  You will be amazed by the results – nice one Janet!

Winner of our Valentines Cake Competition last year, was won by Helen for her Pink Heart Cake + 94 votes. Congratulations on your absolutely beautiful cake – Helen wins a Wright’s Apron, Oven Glove, a Measuring Spoon Set & 5 x 500g of our cake mixes.

Delighted to report that 2nd place in our Valentine’s Cake Competition went to Gillian for her Chocolate Fudge cake made with love from Gillian’s Kitchen. Gillian had 74 votes and wins 5 x 500g of our cake mixes of her choice.

In 3rd place of our Valentines Cake Competition was Minna’s sensational sponge cake with fondant icing – Minna received 34 votes and wins her choice of 3 x 500g of our cake mixes. Thanks to all of you who took part – I am glad I did not have to judge as they were all so lovely!

Thanks Paulette, these are perfect for Valentine’s Day – Chocolate Fudge muffins made with our mix & ten mins before they came out of the oven, Paulette drizzled some chocolate sauce on top. Whilst still warm she placed a chocolate ginger heart on top to melt into the muffin itself – oh I am so in love, with these cakes of course! 

Paulette has also made Rock Cakes with our Scone Mix.  They look lovely, mixed with 205ml of water & 155g of raisins, baked on 200°C for 15 minutes.  I particularly liked the heart shaped rock cake here – which Paulette served to her husband!  

Lots of love – Deb the Bread

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