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Awesome Orange Cake Bakes

July 6, 2018

Awesome Orange Cake Bakes

Two of my dear friends run a popular page on Twitter – they are Jackie & Rob aka @thebakingnanna1 & @Rob_C_Allen of – now if this means nothing to you – you are clearly not on Twitter but do please read on.  Recently their weekly challenge was to bake up one of our Orange Cake Mixes now it is in Morrison’s – just look at some of these beautiful bakes!

The featured image is that of the winners, @Ourlifeblogged – yes, I know!

Charlie made a lovely Orange & Chocolate marble loaf cake using our Orange mix

Jackie joined in and with a lovely idea of muffins baked with a slice of Terry’s Chocolate Orange on!

Hayley took our mix and created a Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake – beautifully decorated it is too!

Ann cleverly created mini loaf cakes, coated with orange drizzle then topped with lemon icing and Terry’s Chocolate Orange – mouthwatering whilst typing here!

Mandy iced her Orange Cupcakes and made them into a number 40 for friends birthday – brilliant!

Kimberley got up early to get baking before the heat kicked in. My entry using our Orange mix was a chocolate and orange marbled cake.  Which she said “smells amazing” – I bet it tasted amazing too eh?

Hilary gave me a bit of a dilemma as there was only one prize but I loved these little fancies she made so she was sent a runner up prize.  These are Orange & Elderflower Drizzle Mini Heart & Loaf with Orange Blossom flowers – gosh!

As the heat of last week increased, Rob wasn’t going to bake, but ended up making made some Orange muffins with our cake mix and you know how it is, once the ovens on – there was a Ginger cake baking too!

Another dilemma from David who made these lovely looking Orange and Pistachio cakes for this week’s #TwitterBakeAlong – yes I had to give him a runners up prize too – fabulously fruity.

James baked with his friend’s children, aged 7 & 8! And… this is what they produced! It is all their own work, under supervision using our Orange Cake Mix as they wanted to be part of the #TwitterBakeAlong – love getting our children baking!

And to prove how much they love getting involved here is Teddy’s The Baking Nanna’s grandson who loves mixing, baking & cake eating!

Thanks to so many of you who got involved – Deb the Bread


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