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Chocolate Orange Cake

  • PREP: 2 hours
  • BAKE: 50 - 55 minutes
  • SERVES: 12


Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 500g
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 500g
  • Wright's Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 500g
  • Water 200ml
  • Vegetable Oil 60ml (4 tbsps)
  • Orange 1
  • Topping:
  • Plain Chocolate 200g
  • Double Cream 225ml
  • Orange Candied Peel to decorate



(Makes 1 cake – 12 portions)

1.    Pierce the orange with a skewer right through the centre.

2.    Place the whole unpeeled orange in a pan and cover with water and boil for 30 minutes until soft.

3.    Discard the water and allow to cool, chop and whizz the whole orange in a food processor until smooth.

4.    Place the processed orange, water, oil and cake mix into a bowl and beat for 1-2 minutes to form a smooth batter.

5.    Pour the batter into a well greased and pre-lined 22.5cm cake tin.

6.    Bake in a preheated oven 180°C (360°F Gas Mark 4) for 50-55 minutes until firm to the touch.

7.    Allow to cool for 10 minutes before removing from the tin and placing onto a wire rack to cool completely.

8.    Bring the double cream to boil in a small pan and then pour over the plain chocolate (broken into lumps first) in a heatproof bowl.

9.    Leave for 2 minutes and then stir until smooth. If the ganache appears to be splitting add a couple of tablespoons of boiling water and mix well.

10.    Allow to firm up for 1-1½ hours before spreading on top of the cake.

11.    Decorate with strips of candied orange peel.

Just wanted to let you know that your products are great. Simple and easy to use but more importantly they taste fabulous. Firstly I tried your Chocolate Fudge cake mix, that was really good. I am looking forward to the Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia in a couple of days. I thought it would be nice to hear something nice from a very happy and impressed customer.

Jo Stacey

Deb's Tips

As flavours go, chocolate and orange can be best mates! This cake made with a natural orange produces an awesome flavour and the Tunis style topping is one you will want to recreate again for use on our other cake mixes. Deb the Bread

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