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Chocolate Sensation Cake

  • SERVES: 12


Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 5 x 500g
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 5 x 500g
  • Wright's Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 500g
  • Water 200ml
  • Vegetable Oil (4 tablespoons) 60ml
  • Sieved Icing Sugar 200g
  • Butter or Margarine 200g
  • Marzipan 450g
  • Selection of Chocolates
  • Ribbon (optional) approx. 1 metre
  • Cake Board 23 -25cm (9 - 10 inches square)
  • Small amount of Icing Sugar for rolling



METHOD: (Makes 1 cake – in a bread making machine)

Pour the water, vegetable oil and Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix into the bread-maker container and set into place.
Bake on “Cake Setting” and when cycle is complete, remove from bread-maker following instructions on pack and allow to cool completely.
Meanwhile, prepare the butter cream filling by beating the sieved icing sugar and slightly softened butter or margarine together until light and fluffy.
Cut the cold cake across in half, spread and sandwich with some of the prepared butter cream, then place the cake centrally on the cake board.
Use the remaining butter cream to coat the top and sides of the cake. Refrigerate until the butter cream coating is firm
Take a small amount of the marzipan and roll this out very thinly to cover the top part only of the cake.
Roll out the remaining marzipan sufficient to cover the top and sides of the cake, fitting in the sides like folds of paper, making a smooth fit.
Carefully trim off any excess on the board, then with the point of a very sharp knife, cut a cross on the top of the cake, through the top layer only of marzipan and gently peel back each section “envelope style”, revealing the thin layer of marzipan underneath.
Fill the centre with an arrangement of chocolates and finish with a ribbon and bow around the base of the cake.

Hi Deb, Just to let you know I feel as I'm in heaven. Having purchased all but your Chocolate Fudge Cake Mixes in the past, I've just baked this one. It's a wonder it ever got to the baking tin as it is almost like melted Green & Blacks and I was forever licking the spoon! I've sandwiched it together with a huge dollop of Waitrose Seriously Chocolatey chocolate dipping sauce and decorated it with melted Waitrose creamy white chocolate ribbons. And then my husband arrives home from shopping with some custard donuts. No contest, it looks as though the chocolate cake is all for ME... and I'm trying to lose weight! Keep up the good work ladies, your cake mixes are the conversation within our committee group and I've sung Wright's praises to all and have persuaded them to try. They are so quick and easy whilst the oven is on for other baking. Regards,

Wendy Hards

Deb's Tips

Don’t be put off – this is an effortless recipe with the cake already produced in a bread making machine! I have made this many times with chocolate coloured icing and gold covered chocolates, white icing and dark chocolates whatever your preference. Lovely for birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s day – it is a “sensational” cake! Deb the Bread

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