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Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia with the Brod and Taylor prover

  • BAKE: 25 mins
  • SERVES: 12


This Brod and Taylor prover is one appliance with endless uses!  Look at how our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia has proved up!



You can now prove bread to perfection, slow cook, culture yoghurt, temper chocolate and much more!  The You Tube film here shows you just how easy it works with our bread mixes. Although this is spacious enough to hold several loaves of bread or a large mixing bowl, the prover will fold down flat for storage. It will fit easily in a wide kitchen drawer or with sheet pans and cutting boards.

Deb the Bread



“I just wanted to email you today and hopefully spread some positivity your way on this gloomy day! I have been using Wrights bread mixes for years now ever since my mum bought me a bread machine and I've never looked back!! My husband and I absolutely love your bread and all the different varieties. They’re gorgeous!! You just can't beat fresh bread and yours has to be the best. We are always recommending you to friends and family and think the company and customer service is just fantastic. Thanks so much, we look forever to enjoying your bread for years to come! Kind Regards, ”

Samantha Bowlby

Deb's Tips

With the Brilliant Brod and Taylor prover we created our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia and used a British Rapeseed Oil from Aldi's. It’s a virgin rapeseed oil (first press) & a little darker in colour - we are not paid to promote this but like us, its a British product and rather good! Deb the Bread

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