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Gâteaux Alexandra

  • PREP: 10 minutes
  • BAKE: 30 minutes
  • SERVES: 22


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl for a couple of minutes until smooth batter is formed.

Pour into a pre-lined baking tray ( 8” x 6” x 2”)

Bake in pre heated oven at 160’c for approximately 30 mins

Allow to cool in the tin before turning out

When cold spread a small amount of Apricot Jam over the top then cover with the Chocolate frosting

Divide into portions and enjoy

I just wanted to let you know what a huge appreciation I have of your products! I am not a Baker by any means, but I wanted to do something special for a friend for her birthday and the Orange cake mix was honestly amazing. Thank you for your products!

Eshvari Sharma

Deb's Tips

We actually used a pot of Chocolate Orange frosting which gave this lovely chocolate almond cake a delicious flavour. Alexandra was chosen as the future wife of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, when she was just 16. She was Queen from 1844-1925 & was honoured by an assortment of foods names after her, but Gâteaux Alexandra is a delicious chocolate cake made with almonds & apricot jam.

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