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Gingerbread Stained Glass Biscuits

  • BAKE: 14
  • SERVES: 20


Ginger Cake Mix 5 x 500g
  • Ginger Cake Mix 5 x 500g
  • Wright’s Ginger Cake Mix 500g
  • Butter (Softened) 120g
  • Water 30ml (2 tbsps)
  • Golden Syrup 50g (2 tbsps)
  • Boiled Fruit Sweets 15-20
  • Ribbon (thin) 150-200cm
  • Icing Sugar to dust



Method (Makes 15-20 biscuits)

1.  Place the mix, together with the butter, water and syrup into a bowl.

2.  Mix to form a firm dough and chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

3.  Working on a floured surface, roll out the dough to the thickness of a £1 coin.

4.  Cut out shapes using a 7cm (approx.) Christmas tree cutter and place onto 2-3 lined baking sheets, spreading well apart.

5.  Then use a 3cm (approx.) Christmas tree cutter and cut out the middle piece from each biscuit.

6.  Place a boiled sweet into the centre of each biscuit.  Make a hole about 3-4mm (approx.) at the top of each biscuit with a skewer.

7.  Bake for 12-14 minutes 180°C (360°F, Gas Mark 4) until the sweets have melted. Bake for slightly longer for crunchier biscuits.

8.  Leave biscuits to harden on the trays.

9.  Thread with the ribbon and dust with icing sugar.

“I just needed to write and tell you how much I looovvvvve your cake mixes. They are just amazing. I would normally feel a bit of a fraud not baking from scratch but with a toddler and a ten month old who has not been well since birth, I find it so hard now to cook anything from scratch (shameful I know!!). However I love providing cakes to my friends and family who pop round and when I discovered these mixes a year or so ago I was won over instantly. You'll probably be more interested to hear that I also have several of my friends and family hooked so it could explain any profit increase you've noticed in the south of England :) Love customising the cakes too, eg throwing some chopped walnuts in the chocolate one etc. The favourite has to be the ginger cake though. Everyone loves it!! Thanks for such a fab product, for making me feel like I'm not really cheating when I bake one and for keeping me and my friends happy via the power of cake!! From a very happy customer,"


Deb's Tips

These are just Wright for Christmas - a gift that keeps on giving! Decorate your tree with them prior to eating them, use them as place markers on the dinner table by writing the name on the biscuit, give them as gifts or use them as a dessert with coffee after dinner!

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