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Toffee Mocha Cake Bars

  • BAKE: 20
  • SERVES: 10


Toffee Cake Mix 500g
  • Toffee Cake Mix 500g
  • Wright’s Toffee Cake Mix 500g
  • Water 200ml
  • Vegetable Oil 60ml
  • Icing Sugar 200g
  • Instant Coffee 1 teaspoon
  • Warm Water 3 tablespoons



METHOD (Makes 10)

1. Mix all the ingredients under cake to form a batter.

2. Divide the batter between 10 well greased mini loaf tins.

3. Bake in a preheated oven 190°C (375°F) gas mark 5 for 18-20 minutes until firm to the touch.

4. Cool in the tins for 5 minutes before transferring onto a wire rack.

5. Allow to cool completely before decorating.

6. Prepare the icing by mixing the coffee with the warm water until dissolved.

7. Add the liquid to the icing sugar and mix to a smooth paste.

8. Using a skewer make three deep holes (without going through the top of the bars) on the under side of each cake bar.

9. Using a piping bag and a small nozzle fill each hole with the coffee icing.

10. Thin out the remaining icing with water if necessary and drizzle over the cakes as per illustration.

“Hello.... I'm a new convert to cake baking. Its so easy, so fast, and best of all, so delicious. A friend whose cake I was eating, and praising, told me how simple the Wrights cake mix was to use. She thought that even I could do it, so I did. GREAT. I now add my own extras to the mix, i.e. stem ginger to the ginger cake and black treacle to the toffee. Every time I get a lovely flavoured, moist cake. I've been warned that the local slimmers club is going to put out a contract on me, so I have had to ration the cake, friends now take home slices of cake secretly hidden in shoe boxes. I and my pals are Wright-a-holics. More please. ”

Terry Masters

Deb's Tips

You can substitute the 3 tablespoons of warm water for the topping with Bailey's before mixing with the icing sugar. Bailey's iced toffee cakes are a special treat.
Deb the Bread

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