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The New LoafNest

December 17, 2018

The New LoafNest

Over the last few weeks we have been trying a few scratch bakes with our flours in the recently launched LoafNest from The Netherlands.  Last month we had one to give away which was won by Marian in Cambridge – many congrats! They are available from the TRFL Website and also Amazon who are offering 25% off until 28th December – get your skates on!

Said to be No-Kneading, No-Shaping & No-Cleaning, the LoafNest makes amazing bread every single time with less than 5 minutes of effort.  Simply place the dough in the LoafNest’s perforated easy peel liner. With the no knead recipe and the liner technology you could enjoy highly hydrated doughs like Sourdough.  The LoafNest recipes can be viewed on the link here

Simply mix your flour, yeast, salt & water with a fork and let time do the rest. With the specific design of the highly thermal LoafNest, the dough receives uniform heat distribution as well as the trapping of steam, always allowing for a great crust! You can put your own twist on your breads created with LoafNest like this delicious spinach loaf or olive bread.


Just to let you know, TRFL is a small and ambitious product development startup based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. They had the LoafNest on Kickstarter and approached us earlier on in the year. We all have to start somewhere, so we thought we should let you know about this beautiful looking item that we have very much enjoyed working with here.


The LoafNest is available from their TRFL website or via Amazon. Simply click the links to check it out.

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