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Baked by you at Home for as all to enjoy – thanks for inspiring us!

July 25, 2017

Baked by you at Home for as all to enjoy – thanks for inspiring us!

Two of my dear friends run a popular page on Twitter – they are Jackie & Rob aka @thebakingnanna1 & @Rob_C_Allen of – now if this means nothing to you – you are clearly not on Twitter but do please read on.  Recently their weekly challenge was to bake up one of our Orange Cake Mixes now it is in Morrison’s – just look at some of these beautiful bakes on the blog article here.  The featured image is that of the winners, @Ourlifeblogged – yes, I know!

This lovely looking Orange & Cranberry was made with our Orange Cake mix by Kay. Thanks for this sensational summer idea – served on a plate.

What about Mel’s cake here? Mel said “Fantastic, I used your Toffee and Chocolate Fudge cake mixes to make my sons birthday cake this week. Absolutely brilliant”. It is absolutely brilliant and we all think the number 12 at the front there is it’s mark out of 10! Thanks Mel.

You know I am always saying how much you amaze me with what you do with our mixes, I normally mean the way you shape them or decorate them, so I just love these water colours by Esther Beresford-Muravyeva

Since I was last in touch we have had a Wimbledon Tournament so thanks Linda for sharing your wonderful Wimbledon cake made with our Madeira Mix. Created in a Hemisphere Cake Pan available from Lakeland. We just love it Linda – especially the message on the front!

Handy these Hemisphere Cake Pan’s from Lakeland – Linda went on to create this beautiful Beach Ball Cake – easy with our marvellous Madeira Cake Mix!

That beautiful beach ball got me reminiscing about these cute cupcakes served in a mini bucket and spade? These are made with our Madeira cake mix, topped with buttercream and crushed rich tea biscuits have been used for the sand! Lastly, a finishing touch with a milk chocolate shell! Another from The Baking Nanna and taste of summer surely what with the wonderful weather we have all been enjoying! Thanks Jackie.

Since I was last in touch we have also had the World Cup!  Just a good time to show off Linda’s great football cake again with that clever green coconut grass! Made using 2 packs of our Chocolate Fudge mix in Swiss roll tins. Linda made 4 layers for the football pitch. Covered in green butter cream and green coloured coconut for the grass.

Oh wow – we love Marie’s cake here! Marie said “I am loving the Orange Cake Mix, it mixes great with chocolate, I used it to make this chocolate orange cake, filled with chocolate orange ganache butter cream, covered inn milk chocolate buttercream and dripped with orange flavoured chocolate, didn’t last very long!” I bet it didn’t – thanks for sharing this sensational cake with us Marie.

Wonderful wedding cake made by Ghazala here! The bottom tier was a chocolate orange cake created with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix and added Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Valencia Orange essence. The top tier was a white chocolate cake where our Madeira cake mix came in to its own with the addition of 300g of melted white chocolate. Ghazala said “the bride loved it very much”. Total credit to Ghazala for this one with its fabulous flavours and delightful decoration.

Angela had a special weekend what with her daughter’s christening & still found time to thank us, ” I just wanted to say once again your mixes were loved by all at my daughter’s christening today. A perfect Madeira and a fantastic Chocolate Fudge cake. Capped off a perfect day. Thank you”. Thanks Angela for sharing your beautiful images.

Thanks Holly for your lovely review on our Carrot Cake Mix – Holly said the cake “tasted absolutely incredible and I might even love this a little bit more than the chocolate fudge cake! We made them last for about a week because we wanted to savour the cakes, but it was so hard to be that good!” Just wanted to add that a little of what you fancy does you good!  Thanks again.

Oh Victoria we absolutely love this – thanks so much. Our Chocolate Fudge Mix performing perfectly for that all important 65th birthday cake!

Too hot to bake?  Well, some of you have to do so!  That all important 65th cake above, the Christening cake, the wedding cake – they won’t wait!  Poor Angela struggled, believe it or not, in creating this ‘Van-tastic’ cake!  Created with our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix, Angela said, “With great difficulty I managed a van shaped cake! For a colleague’s retirement, (never again)! At least I didn’t have any worries about the inside, as Wright’s Chocolate Fudge Cake saved the day!  It was awful to try and drape the icing over as it kept ripping and sliding the whole cake to one side, I should have filmed it – quite funny”.   Bit like the weather then Angela, turned out nice again!

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