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Birthday Cakes

August 17, 2022

Birthday Cakes

To celebrate Classic FM’s 30th Birthday, here are a selection of beautiful birthday cakes – all made with our wonderful range of cake mixes! Just visit ClassicFMsBigBirthdayBake to raise money for Global’s Make Some Noise

We are featuring Bee’s beautiful birthday cake with a top layer using with our Toffee cake mix made with 100m water + 100ml of Baileys, the bottom layer is our chocolate fudge cake with salted caramel buttercream. Delightfully decorated, the two tier cake has a rose gold top tier with drip.

Karen is quite a fan of our Orange cake mix but this was made for her friends 60th with our Madeira – thought this was very dapper!

Personally, I would have been made up with this cake! A fabulously fondant covered Madeira cake. Some of you amaze me with your fondant skills in creating these dazzling cakes. With the ease and convenience of our cake mixes, as many of you keep pointing out to me, you can spend more time on the decorating!

Jackson’s 5th birthday cake was made with our Toffee cake mix.

We met some lovely new customers during the lockdown and enjoyed some superb comments regarding the ease & convenience of our products – thank you all so much. It was lovely hearing from Lindsay who ordered with us & kindly thanked us for “such a professional service”. Quite exciting when we see an order come in from customers and think – ohh, wonder what they are going to do with that lot! Lindsay shared one of her cake creations with us made with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix – a beautiful birthday cake indeed!

Well, I was knocked out by these cakes – yes, cakes – made by Karen from our Chocolate Fudge mix and fashioned into a pair of hiking boots! A lot of effort went into these cute boots for a special birthday for someone special.

Shelia’s carousel cake was created with our Madeira cake mix and has a real wow factor.

One from Jackie – the Baking Nanna and one half of the other half of #twitterbakealong / #GBBOTwitterBakeAlong to any of you on Twitter. For obvious reasons, I often refer to her as the Butter Cream Queen which is easy to see why! This is a Giant Cupcake + matching cupcakes made with our Madeira mix.

Featuring Sarah’s cake here made for her sons 21st birthday, complete with his favourite whisky and sweets. Sarah said it was very popular on the night and so easy to make. Sarah used 2 packets of Chocolate Fudge cake mix.

Have you seen or heard of cake smashes? Many do not exactly agree to smashing the work gone into a cake, but here goes – this beauty is crafted from our marvellous Madeira cake mix, delightfully decorated by Sara and smashed by her son, Thomas. What fun he had though!

Sammie said she has created “the most perfect Bundt Cake I’ve ever made using our Toffee cake mix. This mix is perfect for a 6 cup Bundt pan” and Sammie covered it in a Rolo Chocolate Ganache with Fudge chunks & white chocolate stars as a birthday cake to her daughter. It just looks sensational.

Shelley has been using our cake mixes for a while to bake and decorate some seriously special looking cakes. Her Dad’s favourite is our Madeira, as Shelley can create a Cherry & Coconut Madeira cake with it as a base!

Beautiful 50th birthday cake here. Rosemary used 3 packs of Maderia in a 8″ x 3″ tin. She did very well with a request for a black, white and silver cake!

Oh well done Margaret – great decoration on a square cake for Bill’s 70th clearly. What a great idea for any music fan – made with our Madeira mix.

Great idea – if you can obtain the chocolate lettering for Thank You, Congratulations or Happy Birthday you can use these to create a great chocolate cake as Dawn did here with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix.

Wow Rae what a wonderful cake. The bottom was our Toffee cake mix baked in a 13″ x 13″ square, crumb coated with vanilla buttercream. The middle was 12″ x 4″ and the top, 7″ x 4″ made with our Chocolate Fudge. All layers crumb coated with chocolate fudge buttercream. Everyone adored it and thought a professional had made it. We feel proud to have assisted with such a beautiful cake.

We are often asked how to make a Pig’s in Mud cake. This was made by Gemma – a nice creation using our Chocolate Fudge mix & winning the Best Appearance in a cake prize.  Gemma was delighted – as happy as a pig in mud I guess! 

If it’s a Chocolate Fudge & Toffee cake combo – I can help!  Mel made this amazing Chocolate Toffee drip cake using a combination of both of our Chocolate Fudge & Toffee cake mixes & decorated it delightfully.  The number 12 at the front is from me – marking it 12 out of 10! 

One from the boys this time – this cake was lovingly made by Paul for his daughter’s birthday!  Made with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix with Morello cherry purée butter cream and delightfully decorated too! 

Another from the boys and I just love this idea from John Holland – as we often buy chocolates as a gift, you can go a step up by decorating a cake with them. This one says it all.

Millie’s cake was made by her mum, Lesley. This had Millie’s favourite base cake, our Chocolate Fudge mix! A lovely little mermaid cake.

Oh Marie – how clever – everything about it, the drip, the decor, the colours to say nothing of the base cake which was our awesome Orange cake mix!

Lovely isn’t it! Again our Chocolate Fudge mix stacked up and adorned with sweets and strawberries – thanks Victoria.

Nice one Mo – love this celebration cake idea that she created using our Chocolate Fudge cake mix – probably for a chocoholic’s birthday!

Another from Sandy – made with our Chocolate Fudge mix and just strikingly swathed in all types of chocolate – what a wonderful gift.

Another pretty mermaid cake for Annabelle’s birthday, this time using our Toffee cake mix.

Well, Roland Rat took me back (mid 80’s) and I can see a Rubix cube on top plus Timmy’s mallet a Care Bear and a My Little Pony featured on this “You are showing your age cake” by Amanda – made with our Madeira mix – how fantastic is this?

Made with our Madeira – I just thought this was a good idea to celebrate a birthday! Lynda created this one with coconut grass around a football based cake with beers in the cooler – clever!

During the lockdown, we were able to welcome lots of new Baking Club Members who started ordering their bread and cake mixes on-line from us. Although many of us were not able to share special occaions with loved ones this year, a lot of cakes were still made to keep us cheerful.

My mum had a special birthday recently – this was taken on the Broads at Wroxham where we celebrated her birthday. Due to lockdown at the time, we did not exactly have a birthday cake but picked up a lovely slice at the B & B we were staying at and they very kindly let me have their recipe for Norfolk Fruit Cake which you can create with our Ginger mix.

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