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Cakes for Remembrance

October 29, 2022

Cakes for Remembrance

Let’s have a look at these Remembrance Cupcakes. Made by Edith who used her choice of “the never fail Wright’s cake mixes” to create her cupcakes. Edith made a template of a poppy and crafted her toppers from red fondant icing, rolled out and cut to shape.

Of course, it is the perfect time to remember the beautiful cake Jackie made for our stand at one of the Cake & Bake Shows. Made with our Madeira cake mix and delightfully decorated. Jackie, AKA The Baking Nanna is pictured here with Richard who was running our stand that year and doing all our demonstrations.

Someone has ordered their edible paper toppers in plenty of time for us to enjoy these cupcakes that were made with our Ginger cake mix. Our Ginger cake mix is a gorgeously spiced mix – nice and warming on a cold day.

Other cakes to remember the occasion are from Poppy’s Cupcakes, London who are an online bakery based in Chiswick. They baked a delicious carrot cake using our Carrot cake mix. Thank you so much – they are just perfect but then all their cakes are!

Lisa created these coffee flavoured butterfly buns with our Madeira mix – how pretty for a remembrance occasion – would love one to fly into my hands!

Our Chocolate Fudge cake mix has been butter creamed in readiness for Remembrance weekend. Ready to be cut and passed around, it has been studded with Maltesers and some poppies placed on the top – just to mindfully mark the occasion.

For the last 5 years we have been assisting David Brown’s Help the Heroes Bake Events who I have mentioned before with his Beccles cake sales.  David’s much missed, late wife Pat, suggested they make a few cakes to raise funds for the charity some years ago, finding the convenience and ease of use in our cake mixes.  David’s daughter, Sally had served 22 years in the British Army and her parents decided to start raising money for the Help for Heroes charity which started off on a fairly small scale. David was determined to carry on with his bake sales and raise the £100,000 in memory of his dear wife, Pat. I am delighted to say his misssion has been accomplished. Well done David who is pictured below:

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