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This Month’s Marvellous Hall of Home Baking Fame

October 24, 2017

This Month’s Marvellous Hall of Home Baking Fame

We are featuring Freddie here who was captivated by the amount of Chocolate Fudge cakes achieved from the pack of mix purchased at London’s Cake & Bake Show last month!

A lovely Wedding Cake for us to enjoy, made with our Chocolate Fudge & Madeira Cake Mixes. Our customer wrote in saying, “All who tried this wedding cake were complimentary and almost all of it went by the end of the night and the Madeira did turn out to be sufficiently moist, despite my fears. The Chocolate Fudge Cake is, I find, a very forgiving cake mix and I would have to work really hard to mess up any cake ideas using it. So, thank you for your advice, thank you for your interest and thank you for providing cake and bread mixes that are straight forward, reliable, sensibly priced and good to eat”. What a lovely message & more importantly, what a wonderful cake!

Jackie tried out our Cheddar Cheese & Onion bread mix and added chopped pepperoni, chorizo and grated cheese to the mix.

When the dough was uncovered after proving, it was decorated with a little extra cheese on the top along with a brush of milk.

For a £1.00 in Tesco this was a delicious treat, served with a simple soup and said to be very easy to make.

Talking of additions to our bread mixes – Till seems to be the master with his open double cheese and & red onion rolls!

Made with our Cheese & Onion bread mix with a little chilli in the onion mixture and an egg to enrich the dough. Wonderfully autumnal for your forthcoming Bonfire Night nibbles!

Sally tweeted us @Wrightsbaking as she is “not usually a fan of cake mixes” but thanks to The Cake & Bake Show, our cake mixes and Sugar & Crumbs with Nifty Nozzles she was “very impressed!” What a lovely cake!

Yes we have changed our Parmesan & Sundried Tomato bread mix to Cheddar Cheese & Sundried Tomato.

This new bread mix has the same flavour profile and the usual great results.  Now vegetarians can enjoy this mix too!

The first batch of rolls are Rob’s – just out of the oven creating aromatherapy in his kitchen.

Gráinne tweeted us @wrightsbaking sharing her gorgeous scones from our mix that she bought at The Cake & Bake Show in London!

She said they were “yummy & there were 8 made from the little pack & now there are only 5!” Little pack – lot’s of scones!

Good golly! This is Gayle’s first attempt at a drip cake and great for a first attempt! Gayle created this awesome Apple Caramel Crumble Drip Cake with our Toffee Mix!


Mandy tweeted us @Wrightsbaking having picked up some of our brilliant bread mixes at The Cake and Bake Show, she baked one of our Artisan Pumpkin mixes and added olives, saying the bread “really is lovely”.  Pumpkin is perfect for your forthcoming Halloween celebrations too!

Loving Nichola’s Cherry and Almond Cakes that she made for a charity event with our Madeira mix.

Hope they sold like hot cakes & made lots of dough for your event Nichola!

Jolly nice loaf Jean! Made with our Malty mix in her machine – full of malted wheat flakes making it a healthy & delicious loaf!


Well, Janet couldn’t resist picking the last few blackberries and apples to add to our Madeira cake mix.

Creating this superbly seasonal apple and blackberry cake, it’s beautiful – thank you

And here we have Angie’s awesome Bread Boule! This is a lovely rustic loaf shape that can be made with any of our bread mixes!

The name boule is the reason a bread baker is referred to as a boulanger in France and a bakery in French is a boulangerie.

Finishing as I started, with a great bake by Julia & another lovely message! “As a relatively new customer, discovering your bread mix early this year by chance as never made bread before, I have been hooked ever since. I have not found another mix that consistently comes out with such outstandingly tasty bread and texture. I make a loaf for guests and never fail to be complimented! My partner and I no longer buy ready-made bread, but I make it by hand within an hour and there’s no going back once you’ve tasted Wright’s! Thank you so much for such yummy and easy bread mixes. As i’ve just made a Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia  I have included a photograph”.

Oh I love the look of these golden, cheesey topped rolls that Rob made with our bread mix!

Now, these would be wonderful served with a home made cheese burger inside – another idea for Halloween or Bonfire Night get togethers!

Thank you all, Deb the Bread

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