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Sensational Scones!

May 22, 2022

Sensational Scones!

We launched our Scone Mix in our last Newsletter – this is what everyone has been up to! Thanks to all of you for trying the Scone Mix in 500g and for sharing your superb ideas and pictures with us. I am featuring Barry’s Fruited Scones that he made from our mix – special thanks to him.

Helen & family just wanted to share their first efforts making Cheese Scones from our scone mix.  They just used half the quantity to start with and were very pleased with the results as you can see!  Thanks so much.

Jackie baked the lot as a giant scone then cut them into wedges. She added cheese, mustard powder and black pepper to create a cheese topped Savoury Scone. So that’s her dinner sorted – we wonder what everyone else is having?

Sylv made these Fruited Scones with raisins & frozen sour cherries – bet they were delicious – especially served with butter & cherry jam!

Paulette also went for Fruited Scones with our Scone Mix – these are nice and thickly cut. We recommend a thickness of 2.5cm to achieve 12 scones from the pack.

Edith has made up her Scone Mix and added date & walnuts to the mix creating these scrummy looking scones. Thanks for sharing these – bet they were deliciously different.

Nice covered in chocolate too! These fruited scones were made by Michelle who chose to cover the tops in chocolate, placing them on the already creamed base – oh my!

Oooh thanks to the Baking Nanna who just made half a pack using syrup and the other half into Cherry Scones. Good use of half a pack here and there as Scones are so nice when served fresh.

Karen Mary created these sensational Golden Syrup Scones made from our mix. Love the oval cutter used here for these super scones – thank you.

Wow Till created our Scone Mix with a mixture of cheese, pesto, chili, porcini mushroom, crushed garlic, chorizo, mustard seed & eggwashed them. He also created a further pack with apple, mint, candied ginger & a milkwash. Wonderful!

More from Karen Mary – well we can’t get enough of these unusually shaped Scones can we? This time, using a square cutter she has added in apricots and cranberries – awesome!

Thanks Rob – these are his terrific triple cheese and red pepper scones made from our mix!

I swooned over Helen’s cheese scones earlier so she sent me more to salivate over! A few fruit scones and a few more of her cheese scones from just one of our packets of Scone mix. Thanks – they just look sensational!

Paulette popped the lot in a 2lb loaf tin with 150g of fruit it turned out so well from an eating and keeping point of view that she will continue to bake the scones this way – just butter and jam the slice itself!

Paulette has also made Rock Cakes with our Scone Mix.  They look lovely, mixed with 205ml of water & 155g of raisins, baked on 200°C for 15 minutes.  I particularly liked the heart shaped rock cake – which Paulette sweetly served to her husband!  

So, Paulette produced the Rock Cakes with our Scone mix recently and Edith has now used a pack of our Scone mix to create these Fat Rascals.  Betty’s Tearooms of Harrogate & York invented these plump, fruity scones with a cheeky cherry and almond face. Made to their Fat Rascal recipe, Edith did not have almonds but used mixed dried fruit & cut pecans – the beauty of home baking is to ring the changes surely. Here they are – just out the oven with Alan the chief taster!

Thank you all so much – Deb the Bread

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