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June 29, 2018


Are you all ready to be wowed with this awesome 70th birthday cake here made by Lottie using our Madeira mix – certainly for the artist in the family. You amaze me with what you do with our cake mixes – thanks so much Lottie.

A bit of a master class from the master that is Robert Allen – our Cheddar Cheese & Onion Bread Mix filled with smoked bacon & Red Leicester cheese – was aromatherapy in the kitchen over the weekend – looks, smells & tastes amazing – Thanks Rob

Un Bea lievable – Bea has created this brilliant Book Stack Cake with dice and counters. Bea specifically used our Orange Cake Mix for this project with the use of some orange buttercream inside! The verdict – Bea simply said that “it went down very well”! Beautiful cake Bea – thanks.

In advance of a mid-Summer barbeque Neil did a little baking, aided by our Ciabatta bread mix. Neil said “the results look good if a little rustic”. Well, that’s all part of a Ciabatta’s charm Neil, it always turns out quite rustic as it doesn’t like a lot of handling which would remove the traditional holes in the crumb structure of the bread. This Italian loaf is filled with irregular holes, all the better to trap a drizzle of olive oil in. Cut lengthwise our Ciabatta makes a wonderful Italian-style sandwich a favourite of mine as two made from the same pack are never the same.

Our Garlic and Rosemary Foccacia makes a great addition to summer barbeques this one was made with olives, feta cheese and Parmesan on top – very Mediterranean and very moreish too!

Here is a masterclass on flaunting your fondant! Karen’s fantastic Sponge Bob Cake made with our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix – I am particularly delighted Karen had a go with the Chocolate Fudge because she is usually more of a fan of the Carrot cake mix. This cake was for the Ryan Lee Trust, Nottingham – a local charity to Karen and a raffle was organised with tickets to win the cake itself! I wonder who the lucky winner was? Thanks Karen – it is Sponge Bobtastic!

Well Judith’s was on a mission charity baking the other week! 6 dozen cupcakes for local church summer fair. Four loaf cakes for Age Link tea party. Judith confirmed they were “All made with your wonderful mixes and 3 loaf light fruit cakes made using Wright’s flour. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you”. Oh Judith we must thank you for the marathon bake off – your chosen charities are really lucky to have you. Love these Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with chocolate frosting & Malteaser’s. 

Then there was a first for Judith who has never made a marble cake before! A combination of our Madeira & Chocolate Fudge cake mixes & another first is that I don’t think she has made them for charity this time, but for her daughter! Marvellous marble cakes – thank you

Yes I know it’s been warm for baking which is why our quick & easy mixes are so good all year round – who wants to stand around the oven when we have weather like this! Debbie made some pretty cupcakes using our terrific Toffee Cake Mix as a base – very summery & very scrumptious too!

Lovely message from Susan who said “Just love your Orange cake mix but my son is going through a blueberry phase so I added some to the mix and thought I just had to share. Absolutely delicious”. One we have never thought of trying so will be having a go at this recipe idea Susan – thanks for sharing it.

Last week marked a celebration of the 1st Harry Potter book being released 21 years ago! Over the years, we have seen quite a few Harry Potter cakes, as you can imagine. The best was this one by Nicola who said she is “a hobby baker, I use your mixes for all my cakes and I always get great reviews! I just wanted to share my latest cake with you as I’ve had a huge response on it everyone loves it hope you do too. Thanks again for making my life so much easier.” Being able to pop perfect posts up like this makes my job at Wright’s a lot easier Nicola – thanks for sharing your clever cake!

Then Anne very kindly treated me to a picture of her Sorting Hat Cake to celebrate the first Harry Potter Book being published 21 years ago today. Anne said “This is mine made with the Madeira mix, everyone loves my cakes, they never fail”. Thanks for sharing this marvellous cake with us.

Now this  looks awesomely orangey – Mr. Matthews contacted us to find out where he could get his hands on one of our Orange Cake Mixes and popped down to his local Morrison’s. He has just taken it out of his Kenwood 450 Bread Making Machine and is not going to bother decorating it but enjoy it as is and I am sure he will !

Find us on Facebook Wright’s Baking Mixes or Twitter @Wrightsbaking to share your bakes or e mail us [email protected] – thanks – Deb the Bread



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