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Baked By You at Home

April 27, 2021

Baked By You at Home

A lovely lot of beautiful breads and clever cakes, all baked with our various bread & cake mixes have come to our attention in the last month or so.  Welcome to the awesome Hall of Fame you clever people – thanks so much for sharing your superb bakes!  

Deb the Bread

Ian went back in time for this weeks bake in the Thorn household, with an “Old Jamaica” cake. Adding 100gms of raisins soaked in rum plus an extra 100gm of dark chocolate added to our Chocolate Fudge cake mix. Once the raisins were drained the rum was added to the cake mix. Said, most definitely that it is one to be repeated.  Thanks so much for sharing this lovely idea.

Margaret made this fabulous, fruited loaf using mixed fruit with our Premium White bread mix.  Not sure how much fruit was incorporated into the dough but 300g of mixed fruit per 500g of the mix is usually a good combination. 

I heard from Terry who has baked up our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato bread mix into a 2lb loaf here. This one particularly ticks my box as Terry pushed through some chopped chillies before it rose & baked.  Terry continually gives these beautiful bakes to the neighbourhood – lovely bloke! 

Our Chocolate Fudge mix made in Matthew’s Andrew James bread making machine. Coated in a chocolate buttercream & topped with honeycomb pieces.  Thanks Matthew – I hope your mum enjoyed that on her birthday. 

The other week, I was marvelling on a Monday, as I always do, at some wonderful weekend bakes & I just love this loaf that Karen baked with our clever Cheese & Onion bread mix.  Lovely loaf here Karen, Thank you.

Well Brian, that was a very nice afternoon High Tea that you & Mary enjoyed over the Easter break. Our Orange cake mix with, wait for it, Vodka & Orange Buttercream with lemon zest!  Said to be “very, very tasty” I bet the Vodka & Orange buttercream went beautifully with the Orange cake.  Thanks so much.

I love the weekly #twitterbakealong which featured tear and share breads recently. Karen used one of our Cheese & Onion bread mixes which she usually uses for pizza bases. Karen thank you for saying “if you’ve never baked or want to have a go at making bread without the fuss you should definitely buy one of these to try , perfect for getting the kidddies involved too”. Sometimes my lovely customers say it best and the bake looks beautiful.

The #twitterbakealong is popular and later in the week, Hollie created this one with our Cheese & Onion mix which also looks delicious.

They are like buses – thanks to Caz who made – another terrific Tear & Share bread created with that clever Cheese & Onion mix of ours! Delightfully decorated with grated cheese and finely chopped spring onion. Tasty!

Depending on the size of muffin or cupcake cases, you can sometimes achieve a few more than we state on the pack.  Chris was very happy with 14 muffins when he only expected 12 of these terrific Toffee muffins from our mix.  Thanks Chris I would be delighted with these too!

As you know, I just ?? bread & find Monika’s Ciabatta to be handsome, rugged, good looking, attractive, striking, gorgeous, sexy, stunning, exquisite, tasty, light, lovely & luscious.

We follow the various Social Media days & have recently exceeded 9000 followers on our Wright’s Baking Mixes Facebook page. Licorice Day fell on 12th April and Diane very kindly popped these up for us all to enjoy.

Again following a Social Media day, Alison, posted up these gorgeous Ginger cookies with chocolate chips look – perfect for a deep dunk in a cuppa as was #NationalTeaDay To any of you who want to create cookies with our cake mix – the recipe is here – thanks.

Oh Claire this is dough-lightful – I love our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia mix, to look at in its raw state and enjoy eating it in its baked state – it always looks amazing! Proved with torn basil, baked to perfection and served as a tray baked treat – a very fabulous Focaccia indeed – thanks.

Have any of you created dough balls with our Classic Ciabatta mix? Thanks go to Kathryn as it was her “First time using the Ciabatta mix and next time, I will roll smaller dough balls but this mix made all these plus a full sized Ciabatta loaf and whilst my feeble attempt at creating evenly sized perfectly spherical dough is poor, the bread itself is amazing. Just need the garlic butter now…”  Thanks for sharing these deliciously light looking bites.

Lovely mini scones here – 16 from the pack. We recommend 12 scones from our 500g pack, using a 6cm cutter but I thought these mini scones, full of raisins looked beautiful – just right for a light bite – thanks Carol.

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