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Baked by you at home for us all to enjoy!

April 5, 2022

Baked by you at home for us all to enjoy!

Thanks so much to Paul Holmes AKA the Bald Baker Paul for trying our Toffee mix which he has transformed into these marvellous muffins! He said “the smell baking was amazing, and they are so simple to use if you’re in a rush & fantastic results”. Thanks so much Paul.

Paul also created these chocolate orange, ganache and chocolate chip muffins using our Orange cake mix.

Chris made two Madeira cakes with the addition of cranberries – around 80g of fruit is good to use in our 500g cake mix packs – these look cranberrylicious!

Chris also made these awesome Orange Muffins using our Orange cake mix with added vanilla syrup. Chris kindly thought he would show one cut open this time – revealing the lovely orange pieces used to infuse this marvellous mix!

Paulette used our 500g Premium White mix splitting it in half for a home made pizza & the other half for a gorgeous Garlic & Parsley bread. It was cooked in a pre-heated oven 180°C for 20 minutes. Paulette said the house smells like garlic heaven!

Billy’s mouth is watering with anticipation on slicing up this Premium White loaf, made with our mix. Many years ago he used to work in a bakery and this bought back some very strong & great memories. It has been a long time since he made fresh bread & the ease of use he said has given him the pleasure of doing so again. Billy thanked us for helping him to relive his old memories. Lovely.

Bill, Bill the baker’s son – stole a cake and away he run! It will give you indigestion if you eat a hot cake but I don’t blame you Bill! Marg in Glasgow baked up 12 gorgeous Chocolate Fudge muffins – made using our mix!

Karen baked up our Ginger Cake from the mix & kindly thanked us saying “it looks amazing and tastes delicious – can’t wait to try their other mixes “. We can’t wait to see what else you bake with our mixes Karen – thank you!

Lisa took our Chocolate Fudge cake mix, added cherries and the juice to replace the water, then melted a couple of dark chocolate Bounty Bars and topped them with a cherry. Cherry nice Lisa – thanks.

Lisa went on to create this gorgeous Ginger Cake from our mix with with added chopped fruit & nuts!

Following a recipe mentioned in our last newsletter, Terry said he “Just had to make these Rum Truffles – such a wonderful recipe & those in the office are going to love these tomorrow. Thank you for all your recipes this is another winner, and I also made some decorated with white chocolate – keep those newsletters coming”. Messages like this really make these newsletters worthwhile – thanks Terry.

Sue created this very tempting Chocolate Chip bread made with one of our Premium White bread mixes!

Eye Eye – Edith went in for her new specs & made these clever Chocolate Fudge cupcakes for the lovely, kind and patient staff at the opticians! Spectacular – thanks Edith.

Nichola has made up our Toffee cake mix with a toffee buttercream. The cake is said to be so light and buttery like soft butter really. Thanks – with or without a cup of coffee or tea – it looks awesome to me!

I love a good Coffee Cake & Till’s Coffee & Walnut Gateau looks just the job to me. He confessed he was guided by our recipe & “made a pretty darn scrumptious Coffee & Walnut Gateau.”

Another Coffee & Walnut Cake – thanks Alan. Alan said his butter icing was not too smooth as he mixed it by hand & should have used the mixer. But it was set in the fridge & I am sure it tasted amazing – which is all that matters.

Till also, made a selection of savoury crackers with a little assistance from us – he was actually one of the founders of making crackers with our Oat & Linseed mix & our Crackers Recipe is here for any of you wanting to have a go. The longer you bake, the crispier they become & you can create a huge saving on artisan style crackers that you buy in the shops.  Do try this at home!   

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