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Our marvellous mixes in your microwave

September 9, 2022

Our marvellous mixes in your microwave

Why not spoil the family with a quick, sweet treat with one of our cake mixes microwaved into a perfect pud.  It’s quite a treat to use just half a pack of cake mix and microwave it for 5 minutes as the following recipe ideas show. Microwaving our cake mixes, producing a pudding in an instant is great for last minute guests at home or made anywhere that has a microwave; in your caravan, impress your friend in her flat on a girls night in and it’s a real treat if visiting a poorly relative at home.

A lovely treat for you all is our Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe. By using just half a pack of our Toffee cake mix & microwaving it for 5 minutes – you can create this superb Sticky Toffee Pudding – the recipe is in bold for any of you wanting to have a go, just don’t eat this tasty Toffee creation all at once! The sauce we recommend is definitely one you will make again and again.

Another microwaveable pudding idea is this Rich Chocolate Orange Pudding which is simply scrumptious anytime of the year.  Using just half a pack of Chocolate Fudge Cake mix and being mindful that you have the remaining half for another at the weekend – fabulous in just 5 minutes!

This tangy Ginger Syrup pudding is made in minutes and a perfect winter warming dish. Lovely for dessert after Sunday lunch. Best served hot with custard although of all the times I have made it, it was never allowed to go cold!  

With or without custard – this perfect Pineapple Upside Down pudding is a real crowd pleaser. Pineapple is good on the GI and packed with vitamin c – plus it is a real treat using just half a pack of our Carrot cake mix!

Thanks to Claire for sharing this winter warmer – a salted caramel pudding made with half a pack of Toffee cake mix baked on top of two tablespoons of salted caramel sauce – popped in the microwave for 5 minutes!  Toffeerrific thanks

Another from Claire is this Madeira Fruits of the Forest steamed pudding!  Nice and easy with just half a pack of Madeira on top of some frozen fruits of the forest – popped in the microwave for 5 minutes!  Marvellous.

Till made our Ginger & Syrup pudding in his microwave with our Ginger cake mix.  Saying it was “so easy; took less than 10 minutes” then thanked us for the recipe!

If there is just one or two of you craving something sweet, simply half fill a ramekin with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix and pop that in the microwave for a couple of minutes – they always turn out a treat – served hot or cold.

Another great idea from Claire was by just using a quarter of a pack in a small cup. For just a quick sweet treat you can use 125g of the mix with 50ml of water + 15ml of oil on a maximum blast in the microwave for 2 minutes. A great idea if your dinner guests decide they wouldn’t mind a pudding afterall!

Terry also had a go with the Ginger mix creating a superb sponge – using just half a pack with half the water & oil we recommend, plus a handful of sultanas – just over 3 minutes in the microwave and dessert is served!

Terry continues to enjoy our cake mixes, microwaved as a pudding. His latest summer fruits pudding claims to be an improvement on his last triumph as he has packed it with even more fruits of the forest, which you can pick up frozen, and this has been blended for a delicious drizzle on the top. Thanks Terry.

Made with our Madeira Cake Mix.

Veronica’s microwaved pud looks good!  It was half a pack of our Ginger mix microwaved for just 5 minutes with a tempting toffee sauce poured over it. Veronica said the Ginger & Toffee flavoured sauce went very well together and that it was really good served with vanilla ice cream – I bet it was! 

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