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Quick & Easy Easter Bakes

April 5, 2022

Quick & Easy Easter Bakes

Happy Easter baking. We hope the following proves useful to you over this busy baking period.

Deb the Bread

Thanks to Sammie who has created this beautiful bake for Easter knowing my most favourite of things are Mini Eggs!  We have a step by step recipe for this Mini Egg Chocolate Fudge Cake – this is just Good Friday fun in preparing the cake where the whole family can be involved.

One of our star bakers, Edith has wowed us again with her Easter Cakes.  Made with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix and whilst still warm, created a cone shape in the centre (Edith used a wine bottle stopper).  Place a marzipan carrot in the centre and a sprig of dill for the top.  They are firstly topped with buttercream and the edible soil is created with crushed Oreo cookies!

Another fabulous alternative is our fabulous Festival Cake here.

Our Simnel cake is made with our Carrot cake mix which holds the fruit beautifully and it is easily decorated with our foolproof recipe.

Of course we loved Linda’s Anti-Gravity Easter Cake – made with our Madeira and sprinkled with chocolate flakes!

More Easter Cakes, this time using our Orange Mix – covered in a rich chocolate fondant and topped with golden mini eggs!  Thanks Lottie, this type of cupcake is so expensive when sold in the shops, so bake them at home!

Gosh Gracie – what a gorgeous cake you created with our Madeira cake mix – someone had a very happy Easter!

Till made our Easter Slice and added marzipan letters to it – he enjoyed eating the cut edges until serving this on Easter Sunday! Till has produced some beautiful bakes for us over the years from his home.

Till also made and decorated a lovely Easter Cake with our Madeira mix which just says it all.

Thanks to Dawn for sharing her Easter Cake made with our Toffee mix & so delightfully decorated!

Freda tweeted us @Wrightsbaking with an awesome alternative to buying Easter eggs, making cakes with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix for friends and family instead. Yes, I would have loved one Freda!

These easy Easter Cupcakes are made and baked in minutes with Wright’s Chocolate Fudge cake mix, topped with chocolate frosting and my favourite – Mini Eggs!!  If you have a few small solid chocolate eggs left over pop them in the fridge overnight and when you come to create your Easter Cupcakes, only half fill the muffin case with the chocolate fudge mixture – pop the chocolate egg in the centre and top with the remaining mixture until 2/3rds full before baking.  Now you have Chocolate Egg Easter Surprise Cakes!

After Easter, if there any of those gut-busting, jeans stretching, sickly, sweet, chocolate Easter eggs left in your house? Yes those delicious things were even cheaper than last year! You can break them up and pop them into a cake mix, if you have any left! Half a plain chocolate egg shell worked wonderfully in 500g of Wright’s Madeira giving more flavour than chocolate chips and more of a rustic and home made appearance than the pre-formed uniform sized pieces we normally use. Please do obtain the with the egg owners permission first!

The ‘other Deb’ here at the mill put this lovely cake together using our Chocolate Fudge Mix.

Ready for a chocolatey one?  Diana created this with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix baked in 8″ tins, with chocolate buttercream, chocolate flakes & topped with mini eggs!

Superb Simnel here – baked by Judith using our Carrot Cake mix using the recipe off our website – just beautiful!

Angie tweeted us @Wrightsbaking with this lovely Ginger cake covered in a soft fondant with smashed cream eggs.  It’s eggcellent Angie!

Oh Vicki – it’s a beauty – a very chocolatey drip cake – delightfully decorated!  This is made with our clever Chocolate Fudge cake mix which I see is performing perfectly again!  Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

Thanks Margaret, her Easter cake below was made effortlessly with our Toffee cake mix allowing her more time to spend on the amount of decoration here.

We loved Alisha and Toby’s cake which was an excellent centre piece to their Easter celebrations, marbled with our Chocolate Fudge & Orange mixes and one I could not wait to cut!

Or what about a beautiful birds nest to celebrate Spring and all things Easter.  Flake up some flakes for the top of your cake & decorate.  This was made with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix.

Oh Lucia – that is just lovely.  So colourful & this is again, made using our Chocolate Fudge cake mix – great idea with the wafers around the edge!

Mandy’s marvellous Easter extravaganza has been created with both our Carrot & Orange cake mixes and excellently decorated.

Look at this awesome bake from Sammie!  A Creme Egg Chocolate Fudge Cake using our  mix covered in her yummy chocolate icing made from Rolo’s and an outrageous amount of chocolate eggs!  No, you can’t have a piece – it was raffled for a charity!

Superb cake by Jackie – the Baking Nanna. Made with our Madeira mix in the form of a giant cupcake it has matching cupcakes around the edge. I love the broken cream eggs topping the cupcakes with a chocolate spoon at the ready!

Lovely Easter cake here – divided with matchmaker sticks & topped with chocolate eggs.  Thanks again to Terry who has had a very busy baking time with our various bread & cake mixes.  This was made with our incredibly clever Chocolate Fudge cake mix. 

Gillian made her Simnel Cake in time for Easter with her own recipe using our Self Raising Flour. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely image with us.

Easter bunnies love carrot cake!  Wright’s Carrot cake is a super, moist cake and a special spring treat and certainly something to bake up on Good Friday.  Wright’s 500g Carrot cake mix will give you 24 cupcakes, 12 muffins or produce one cake which can then be drizzled with coloured icing and decorated with a marzipan carrot or a few of my favourite and frequently mentioned, mini eggs!

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