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Baked by you at home

October 18, 2019

Baked by you at home

Well it certainly is autumnal now so it’s a good time to grow fond of sipping tea and scoffing scones. You could use our scone mix to produce results like Rob did above – superb image, sensational scones – thanks Rob.

Must be pizza night at Jackie’s place, made with our Cheddar Cheese & Onion Mix which creates 3 good size pizza bases from just one 500g pack.

Oh gosh Rob – that hit the spot I bet! Rob is a fan of our Cheese & Onion bread mix who tweeted us, @WrightsBaking to say “Pizza time for tea today. Have you ever tried Wright’s Cheddar cheese & onion bread mix, for a pizza base? I used half a packet for this pizza and find these bread mixes are so versatile.” Thanks so much Rob – the Red Leicester & red onion makes it look like a work of art!

We were delighted to see Jim Hillery again at The Cake & Bake Show earlier on in the month – Jim was a contestant on The Great British Bake Off – series 8 which was 2 years ago. After I had a hug with him at the show, he went off with a few of our mixes and baked up this awesomely attractive Chocolate Fudge cake – worthy of a Hollywood handshake surely!

Look at these lovely Mixed Grain loves baked at home by Jane! Both are from just 1 pack of our 500g bread mix, the dough of which was put in 2 x 1lb bread tins creating these two delightful loaves.

There was a bit of a party going on at the end of last month here at the mill wishing our Karrie a happy birthday – especially as it was a special one! This lovely lady was presented with a beautiful cake made by Karen who used our Madeira mix to create it.

Thanks Kathryn for sending in this image of your Ginger cake made with our mix and especially for saying, “Your ginger cake mix is consistently yummy. Especially with added chopped crystallised ginger”.

I gave a shout out to Matt on World Marmite Day and he came back to me with another idea of his, this time using our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix saying he had an idea that he needed to try like using our Chocolate Fudge he had made brownies with, swirled with Marmite Peanut Butter! Matt confirmed “Love it or hate it, you HAVE to try it!”. Looks marvellous tho!

Here’s what Dawn baked for her MacMillan Coffee Morning! An Orange & Chocolate chip cake, Carrot cake – the round one due to be iced – a Madeira cake, Chocolate Fudge and honeycomb cake (sounds lovely) and some fruit scones. All made quick & easily from our mixes.

Dawn did well on her Macmillan Coffee Morning – raising £170.00+. Dawn said “I’m so so happy about it. Everyone loved my cakes and they sold out in no time. People were actually queuing up for the Orange and Chocolate ones and apparently my Carrot cake is to die for” – it certainly is Dawn – well done.

Oh Chris thank you – this just speaks for itself but Chris said “I have been playing again with Wright’s Chocolate Fudge mix & added a pack of little rolo’s. The caramel melted into the mix to add a lovely chewy layer. These mixes never disappoint”.  Chris your recipe ideas never disappoint and the melted caramel has produced a gorgeous gloss to the delicious looking cake

Jo won a competition on Twitter’s Cupcake Hour recently saying she “came home to the most gorgeous smelling parcel today! Guess what I’ll be making this weekend?”. Well Jo’s completed Carrot cupcakes look delicious & Jo said “They smell so delicious, we looking forward to eating them!” Thanks.

Lisa made this lovely Carrot cake over the weekend from our clever mix & incorporated it with Tesco luxury fruit and nut mixture – looks amazing – lovely idea Lisa – thank you.

Sometimes my customers say it better than I can! Sammie thanks for your marvellous marble cake and for saying “The beautiful crack that signifies it’s a Wright’s cake – their Chocolate Fudge and Madeira cake mixes have been used to create a beautiful marble cake. It’s cooling down currently and will be decorated tomorrow. Basically make up both a Chocolate Fudge & Madeira cake mix in separate bowls. Layer the two batters and swirl to create a marbled effect and then bake”.

Clever that Carrot cake mix – thanks Ronnie for your beautiful looking baked cake here.

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