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Baked by you at home for us all to enjoy!

May 22, 2017

Baked by you at home for us all to enjoy!

Welcome to our new website!  We have a round up each month, a type of hall of fame where we select a few recipes that you have baked up at home using our mixes.  This is normally on a monthly basis but, in waiting for the launch of this new website, we have not produced a newsletter for a few months.  We hope you are as inspired by the following as we are!

Thanks Sonya for this lovely idea made with our Madeira, it’s a Coffee & Fudge cake that is beautifully decorated.

Did any of you see my Buttercream Queen on Facebook a few weeks ago?  The Baking Nanna made a Pina Colada cake in a giant cupcake mould and decorated it (only like she can) and the YouTube link is here for any of you wishing to see it.

Rob Allen was in the link above with a recipe idea and Rob made this delicious Ciabatta loaf filled with Cheese, Onion & Smoked Bacon oh my type of loaf! See the featured image here – I bet that was delicious!




We loved this Haribo covered cake.  It’s our Chocolate Fudge cake mix that has simply been ‘Hariboed’.  Made easily and made a certain fan of the sweets very happy on her birthday!  Thanks Deb for this idea.


Sammie made a healthy Oat & Linseed loaf from our mix and topped it with a few extra pumpkin seeds yesterday – wow and wow again!

Thanks so much to Pam who baked up these rolls – all having a cuddle in the basket by the looks – made with our clever Cheese & Onion mix.

Edith made these terrifically topped cupcakes for staff at her local opticians with our mixes!  “Picking up my new specs today and these are for the lovely, hard working staff at the opticians. I needed to make quite a few and believe it or not, out of 5 packets in the cupboard I didn’t have two packets of the same mix so I mixed a Toffee with a Madeira and added some chocolate chips… lovely! Wrights are so versatile”.  Thanks Edith.

Susan had to decide whether to start on the Premium White bread she had made that day with our mix or our Wholemeal – decisions, decisions on these two terrific home baked loaves!

Martin made a lovely loaf in readiness for his bacon sandwich so I thought I would share the shot of our baked up Parmesan & Sundried Tomato bread mix, performing perfectly!

Liz’s Orange Cake mix was selected as it just looked like summer on a plate!  Its our Orange Cake Mix, baked, sliced and creamed with Mandarin oranges throughout! Just lush ……..

We loved Chris’s Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia Loaf which accompanied a steak dinner – creating a superbly flavour packed steak sandwich!  Usually a big fan of our Toffee Cookie Mix we were pleased to see Chris enjoy one of our savoury mixes too.

Tracey said “Insomnia got me up and baking these monsters, garlic and herb Ciabatta rolls. Perfect for tonight’s burgers”. We bet they were!


Wow – Bee created this beautiful cake with a top layer using with our Toffee cake mix made with 100m water + 100ml of Baileys, the bottom layer is our chocolate fudge cake with salted caramel buttercream.  This two tier celebration cake has a rose gold top tier and drip, delightfully decorated and awesomely edible!

Deb the Bread

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