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Baked by you at home with our mixes

October 27, 2021

Baked by you at home with our mixes

Thanks Alan for making these beautiful Brownies with our Chocolate Fudge mix. Alan melted butter & dark chocolate and, with a touch of caster sugar, mixed it up with the cake mix. Using a bottle of Cornish stout, he reduced it down and also added this to the mix. The cake itself took a bit longer to bake as the mixture was soft in the middle, due to the additions. When it cooled, Alan whipped up some double cream and melted white chocolate and spread this over the top of the Brownies. Alan’s wife volunteers in a Charity Shop, the brownies were for the other ladies who also volunteer. Lovely bloke that Alan!

Maureen mixed up our Mixed Grain bread mix into “Another great loaf with added chopped walnuts today”. Well, if you have seen the price of Walnut Bread in the shops today and feel it is a family favourite – you would probaby save by buying the mix and adding walnuts at home. Lovely looking loaf – thanks.

Just out of Ian’s oven, a chocolate tray bake (needs to be iced later) made using our Chocolate Fudge cake mix. This was heading for the MacMillan Cancer event at his wife’s school. Hope it was a hit and raised loads for this particular charity. Nice one Ian – thanks.

I see our Premium White is performing perfectly at Brian’s. Having created a boule of dough by simply adding 320ml of water to the mix, proving for 30 minutes & baking for 30 minutes he sprinkled on flour with his dough stencil to achieve this lovely looking loaf – amazing!

Looks interesting – what has Rob been up to? Toffee Muffins with a twist – baked with a Rolo in the centre and topped with a caramel topping & a few chocolate chips! Nice tip from Rob is that the Rolo’s were frozen before adding to the cake to try and get them to “survive a bit longer while baking”. How lovely!

Charlie wrote in to say how much he likes using our Mixed Grain bread mix in his bread machine at home & from the above image, we can all see why!

Wow Lisa – that Toffee cake mix of ours under all this chocolate frosting & lovely lot on top looks amazing – you all astonish me with what you do with our cake mixes. Thanks so much.

Terry Jeffery has tried the Marmite Swirl idea that Robert created for the last newsletter. Terry said “I just had to make these and thank you for the advice – they are amazing! Filled heavily with Marmite & extra strong mature cheese, I just love the Cheddar Cheese & Onion bread mix”. We love the swirls Terry!

Michelle made this terrific Toffee Cake using our mix! “With chocolate icing and nuts to finish this bad boy off”. Looks like someone had a tasty Toffee treat!

Rob said he has “certainly been enjoying trying the different mixes out and experimenting a bit with them”. He decided to do the two packs of Mixed Grain bread mix into one super large loaf as he finds home made loaves a bit small for sandwiches and doesn’t really like getting shop bought bread. Most loaf tins on the market are 1lb or 2lb so Rob went to a catering supplier for this 4-6 lb tin. Using 600ml of warm water, he let the dough rise for 40 minutes before popping it in the lightly oiled new tin prior to baking. What a handsome big hunk of a loaf eh?

Nice one Paul – thanks – using our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato Mix in your new moulds – they look very professional indeed.

I just wanted to show off Till’s pretzels ? that he created easily with our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato bread mix at home. Thanks Till – they have come out beautifully & will be a nice treat to enjoy this weekend ?

Oh Chris – this clever cake is in a box so it must be going somewhere other than here with me, sadly! Chris made this Toffee Apple Cake using our Toffee cake mix with apple juice and diced apple. The cake is coated with toffee buttercream & looks like a dream.

Lovely Brian – our Premium White shaped into a boule at dough stage when Brian pressed his pastry cutters into the side to create a pattern.

Similar was Brian’s Mixed Grain loaf again at dough stage, he pressed his pastry cutters in to form a pattern.

As it’s getting chilly now, many of you are creating home made soups to accompany your breads – or vice versa! Karen went for a Thai pumpkin & coconut soup with a freshly baked Malty loaf – made from our mix. I am not sure which of the two are going to be more delicious! Thanks so much Karen.

Then came a lovely idea from Debbra who made a squash soup with lime & chilli along with a homemade pumpkin loaf from our recipe idea! Love the soup sprinkled with seeds & the bread, made in her bread machine is a beautiful pumpkin colour too. Thank you.

Chris made up our Madeira mix with the necessary water, walnut oil & caramel syrup. I expect this was really tasty and the oil & syrup have ensured the cake rose up beautifully. Thanks as always Chris.

Deb the Bread

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