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Baking Bread & Cake in your Slow Cooker

June 2, 2021

Baking Bread & Cake in your Slow Cooker

Whilst I would love you to read on – you may have a slow cooker and a busy life, so for quickness:

Wright’s bread mixes in your slow cooker – best using a silicone loaf pan on an upturned saucer with 2? of water in the base of your slow cooker.  On for 1 hour on low to prove then 1 hour and 45 minutes on high to bake.

Wright’s cake mixes in your slow cooker – best using a large round paper cake case silicone loaf pan on an upturned saucer with 2? of water in the base of your slow cooker.  On low for 3 hours to bake.

Keeping electricity bills down calls for more baking in a Slow Cooker – we have many ideas here on achieving bread and cake bakes and I am posting a few ideas up having seen our products baked in slow cookers & huge thanks go to Nicky! Our Cheese & Onion mix with extra grated onion & cheese has been placed in a silicone loaf tin before putting in the slow cooker with an inch of so of water in the base. The slow cooker is put on low for one hour and high for two hours. Great for all you with busy lives!

We just wanted to thank Sue for letting us know that our cake mixes are “absolutely gorgeous when cooked for 1 hour and 45 minutes in a slow cooker. Many of our friends have done this too and all got brilliant results”. This Chocolate Fudge cake mix baked in the slow cooker is good enough for us!

Slow Cooked Carrot Cake. Nicky made the cake mix up as per the pack instructions and put a little water in the bottom of the slow cooker pot & then put in the silicone loaf pan (containing the cake mixture). Cooked it on high for approx 1 hour 45 mins (times will vary according to slow cooker make/size). Then made an interesting frosting from a tub and half of Castello pineapple soft cheese that was creamed & mixed with 4 level (flat) desert spoons of icing sugar!

Thanks again to Nicky – our slow cooker supremo! Nicky “made up a pack of Wright’s Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia bread mix (using olive oil). I added to this mixture grated cheese & chopped onion. I lined the slow cooker pot and then poured the mixture in. I cooked it for a hour on low. I then added a whole tube of tomato puree (mixed with a little water to thin it), chopped fresh tomatoes, cooked chopped sausages, cooked bacon, Italian herbs, garlic and a liberal sprinkling of cheese. I cooked it for a further one & 3/4 hours on high. My guys loved it: it was VERY filling. Timings will vary according to slow cooker size and make.”

Our Toffee cake mix, with 2 small bananas mashed up and added to the mix, cooked on low for around 3 hours in Nikky’s slow cooker! Nikky called it Banoffee – I call it a show stopper!!

Margaret also made the Toffee cake mix in her slow cooker and dressed it up – sensationally with Smarties!

Well another experiment in the slow cooker for Wendy – it’s our Oat & linseed bread nux with apricots & dark chocolate chunks – well done Wendy!

Another super, Slow Cooked loaf! Wendy has made up our Cheese & Onion bread mix & baked it in her slow cooker! She added strong cheddar & red onion to the mix and said “This would make a lovely picnic loaf to go with cold meats etc. It was a fab experiment which turned out delish” and Wendy, we concur!

Nikki’s Ginger cake mix – just going in – are you getting the idea now?

And the resultant bake with a cuppa – nice one Nikki – thanks!

Nicky produced a Chilli loaf from our Premium White bread mix in her slow cooker and said “I made the mix up as per packet instructions. Added grated cheese to the mixture. Cooked in my silicone pan in the slow cooker (timing will vary according to slow cooker make/size etc). It had an hour on low to prove and then approx an hour and half on high to cook. This is a nice bread with a good chilli kick to it, for people that like spicy food.” That will be me then Nicky – thanks so much!

David has also been using our Premium White Bread Mix, and having sampled some with a bowl of home made leek and potato soup, he honestly said it was delicious (and the soup was good too)! David experimented by leaving the mixed dough in the Slow Cooker for 3.5 hours and browning off the top in a conventional oven, whilst he was cooking a roast.

Sam & her husband, Drew made this lovely loaf in their slow cooker over the Bank Holiday weekend! This is our Farmhouse Wholemeal bread mix. Just made according to the pack instructions, they placed the dough into a paper cake liner in their 3.5 litre slow cooker. The dough was covered with a tea towel to catch condensation before putting the lid on & setting the machine on high for 2 hours. Sam said “the top was a bit soft when the bread came out but we fixed that by crisping it up in the oven for 20 minutes. It was really tasty and we will definitely be doing this again!”. Looks great Sam – thanks so much

Richard likes to put his Cheddar & Sundried Tomato dough in a silicone loaf container, just dry on the base of his slow cooker – some prefer an upturned saucer. The slow cooker is set on high for 2 hours. As the slow cooker starts to heat up, this ultimately rises your dough & then bakes it. Thanks so much Richard.

Thanks to Jilly for sharing her “Carrot cake with added sultanas/cranberries and mixed spice added in also”. Made in Jilly’s slow cooker for 2 hrs on high “always comes out just perfect as all your cake mixes do”.  Aw Jilly thank you! 

Nice graphic & what we have here is our Chocolate Fudge cake mix and we are going to add 300ml (just under a can) of Coca Cola or Pepsi to the cake mix and bake it in a slow cooker on low for 3 hours to bake. You can achieve a great deal around the house & enjoy a coffee with a nice piece of cake after that!

Off for a 3 hour bake on low is our Toffee cake mix here. Topped with broken up Milk Way which will add even more of a terrific taste to the resultant bake – toffeerific you might say! The foil strips cross over at the base, under the unbaked cake, this is just to get it out easier when baked.

Yes, Kat you should be feeling proud! Our Chocolate Fudge Cake made in her slow cooker for her son’s birthday. Kat was “extremely pleased with it”, as I am to share it.

Deb the Bread

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