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Baking in your Air Fryer

November 14, 2022

Baking in your Air Fryer

We are featuring a lovely Lemon Madeira cake here, so preheat your Air Fryer to 160 degrees for 5 minutes whilst you mix up your Madeira cake mix & add the grated rind of 1½ lemons and the juice of ½ a lemon to the dry mix.  An optional extra would be to make a lemon drizzle sauce with:

2 tablespoons  Icing Sugar
Juice of  ½ lemon

Pour the batter into the cake pan & pop it into the fryer basket and put the basket into the Air Fryer.

Set the timer to 55 minutes and bake the cake until it is brown.

Take a skewer or toothpick and insert it into the centre of the cake. When it comes out clean your cake is done.  Let the cake cool in the pan for 5 minutes so the cake will shrink and release easier. Whilst the cake is cooling on a wire rack, stab the top with the toothpick and drizzle with the glaze you made using the remaining half a lemon & the two tablespoons of icing sugar over the top of the cake.  This was made in a Tower Air Fryer. Image above by

Our customers are always going on about their air fryer’s and the very inventive Nicky has baked our Orange cake mix with Valencian orange extract in her air fryer! Also some Chocolate Fudge cakes from our mix with chocolate chips & mint aero balls to make these lovely soft and moist chocolate buns. They took just 20 mins in the air fryer at 130 degrees. Nicky was one of the first to perfect cakes from our cake mixes in her slow cooker – if you have an air fryer these are a must try.

Paul has done it again, this time with our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato bread mix in a 3lb tin, using the whole 500g mix with 320ml of water in Air Fryer oven baked on 185 °C for 38mins. Lovely loaf Paul, looks very professional.

Our Premium White, created in the bread maker’s dough programme for half an hour – popped in his new Master Class 3lb loaf tin and into his preheated 12l Air Fryer oven for 45mins. Once risen, it was baked on 185°C for 30 minutes then turned out & the bottom was crisped for a further 5 minutes.

We follow Clare on Instagram, @airfryeruk & she created these lovely little flat breads with our Cheddar & Sun-Dried Tomato bread mix. She followed the instructions on the pack and shaped them into mini pizzas. They were cooked one at a time in her Air Fryer, on 180 degrees for around 10 minutes. So they did not catch on the bottom, Clare used the trusty grease proof paper under them – just in case! Good luck with your Airfryer recipe book Clare – out next February but available to order now on the link here.

We heard from Barbara who said, “I can now bake a beautiful Premium White loaf in my air fryer using your white bread mix. I follow the instructions on the mix, then after the final proving for an hour in the tin, I cook for 30 mins at 190° then turn the bread over and put it back in the air fryer minus the tin for a further 15 minutes. Cool completely on a wire cooling rack.

With energy bills spiralling out of control and the cost of living creeping ever up, more and more people are seeking out lower-energy alternatives for preparing their food. Air fryers have been proven to be quicker, healthier and up to 80% cheaper to run than a traditional oven and can be used to prepare everything from mid-week meals to joints of meat, breakfasts, desserts, bread and cakes.

Nice lot of rolls yielded from a couple of packs of our Ciabatta Mix here – again, made in the air fryer.

Our Ciabatta bread mix was baked for 35 minutes at 200C.  Pre-heat the air fryer for 10 mins to warm and place a piece of baking paper on the bottom of the air fryer basket. You can place the dough straight in the basket or in a tin, if prefered and cover with a loose piece of cling film to prove for 30 minutes. Remove the cling film and pop the basket back with your risen dough to cook for 200C for 30 – 35 minutes. 

Deb the Bread

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