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Recently baked by you at home – for us all to enjoy!

October 7, 2021

Recently baked by you at home – for us all to enjoy!

Fancy a savoury bite? Rob has created these Cheese & Onion bread swirls from our mix! Coated with a little marmite, grated cheddar & ham, they were rolled up, sliced and baked for #WorldMarmiteDay which was 28th September – causing a complete wow factor across our social media pages!

As you all know, The Great British Bake Off is back & for bread week Phil Thorne who was on the Great British Bake Off a few years ago has shown us a Focaccia master class with these beautiful images of our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia above. Creating a delicious Focaccia Garden – made famous during lockdown for getting veggies into kids.  Yes, Phil I do feel the same, it is a real shame to cut it!  Thanks so much.

Autumn is almost with us and Christine kindly said “This cake always gets a warm welcome – a spiced orange fruit cake topped with marmalade and sugar” made with our awesome Orange Mix, it is her family favourite & the start of many instant fruit cakes to come this season – how lovely!

Oh, nice one Brian – our Mixed Grain is looking lovely following a prove in its banneton basket prior to baking.  You can create slashes with a knife, lame or razor on the dough or tie it up with string whilst proving to achieve the desired effect. 

Another beauty from Brian who baked our Premium White mix up this time – forming this lovely loaf – thanks!

More wonderful bakes & Jane in Loughborough who was very happy with her first orange cake and these lovely cheese scones – all made with our mixes!

I was wondering if a marmite glaze of 30g melted butter and half a teaspoon of Marmite brushed over warm bread or scones would work?  As if by telepathy, Rob Allen created these cheesey topped marmite infused scones which, if you love Marmite are delicious anytime of day!

Christine presented me with a lovely “Leftover alert for 4 overripe bananas and a Toffee cake mix”.  Which has delivered up this toffeerifick treat – thanks so much – it just looks beautiful.

As we approach Halloween and are thinking of ways in which we can celebrate it, I just had to show off Eat Posh Nosh’s on Instagram’s Pumpkin shaped bread that she created with our Mixed Grain bread mix.  Proved with string to create a pumpkin appearance then cut with a lame.  Zaynub thanks so much for sharing your lovely loaf with us. 

The lame has been out again in Zaynub’s kitchen with our Cheddar & Sun-Dried Tomato bread mix, this time.  This has created a lovely loaf which I spotted on Instagram via the @EatPoshNosh page – thanks so much.

Chris baked these muffins using our terrific Toffee cake mix! He made sure some were smaller as his Mum prefers them that way & he always likes to share some with her. Reinforcing my point of the beauty of baking at home – you can create cake sizes to suit!

Jenny from @hotchpotchfooddiary on Instagram attempted her own version of Rob Allen’s Marmite and cheese swirls that we are featuring this month. There is a feeling that she may have overdone it on the marmite, but as she loves it, there are no worries!

Sylvia used pack of our Ginger cake mix. Adding three/four pieces of chopped stem ginger in syrup and one tablespoon of syrup from the jar. This was baked in a 2lb loaf tin & when cooked, it was pierced with skewer with a further three tablespoons of the syrup poured over the hot loaf. Sylvia used a brush to spread any excess over the cake & confirmed that it “is delicious warm or cold”. Looks lovely!

A final one from Rob – we started with one of his many ideas for use with our bread mixes so may as well conclude with another! He has no bread left (again) so, for quickness, he rustled up a Ciabatta mix of ours saying he “always keeps a few of the mixes in my cupboard”. Presenting Rob’s bellissimo Ciabatta!

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