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March 21, 2021


In the words of our customers, who sometimes say it best of all, “Your gorgeous Ginger cake mix – tray baked with added decoration, of orange drizzle, zest and walnuts”. Thanks Christine that looks absolutely awesome!

Deb the Bread

Oh Sandra – that’s a fantastic cake for your granddaughter’s birthday – thanks for chosing our Chocolate Fudge to be graced by your decorating skills.

Tony found our bread mixes during the lockdown saying “My sister recommended your flour mixes for something to do with a reward at the end. She told me they are extremely tasty, and she wasn’t wrong, they are divine. Big thanks for keeping me occupied”.  You are welcome Tony and we love your classic Cheese & Onion loaf here. 

Just having a look at Lynne’s first attempt at cherry ice buns. Lovely – created with our Premium White bread mix.

Oh Matthew – turned out nice again!  Our Oat & Linseed risen & baked in his 2lb loaf tin – Matthew likes his bread making machine but turned this one out in his oven.  He has also used the Andrew James meat/bread cutter on 10 mm slices – which has cut the loaf perfectly. 

I was pleased to receive Matthew’s comments on the bread slicer above as I am often asked about those.  The other thing I am always asked about is lemon cake.  We have many twists on our marvellous Madeira mix which takes a lemon infusion incredibly.  Edith created some lemon Madeira cupcakes for her local Doctor’s Surgery staff that she created with our Madeira mix and the grated rind of 3 lemons + the juice of 2, made up with the usual 200ml of water + 60ml of oil.  Edith made a sugar syrup with caster sugar & the remaining lemon juice to brush over the tops whilst they were still hot from the oven.  These art deco rice paper toppers are pretty & the cakes were thoroughly enjoyed by the staff.

Another one from Ruth & I am marvelling over her Madeira cake – just delicious with a little jam and coconut. Sometimes just a few simple additions create the most tastiest of cakes & I bet that was beautiful. 

Margaret created this Cheese & Onion loaf from our mix in her kitchen. It had a double prove – not really necessary with our mixes due to the vitamin c we add in. It was just baked in a 2lb loaf tin with a stunning result.

Carole made these Chocolate Orange Muffins, saying it was “so easy with the Chocolate Fudge cake mix!” Thank you!

Paulette made a Chocolate Fudge cake from our mix but used 200ml of Bailey’s instead of the necessary water – how very decadent – I have only every done 100ml of each when using our cake mix! There is also a tablespoon of Bailey’s in the chocolate topping – said to be ‘very yummy’ – you’re not kidding! 

Maureen messaged us to thank us for her “Perfect loaf – brilliant product, thank you”. Maureen was pleased with the crust & the surprising softness to the crumb of the loaf – no surprise to me – that marvellous Mixed Grain never lets us down!

Quick coffee cake? I always love the ones baked by my mum! This is our Madeira infused with instant coffee and placed in 2 x 6” sandwich tins. Baked in the middle of a preheated oven 170 °C (340°F Gas Mark 3) for just 30 minutes. Mum created a dark chocolate butter cream with a little coffee in, creating a rich mocha topping then studded it with walnuts, ready for slicing and serving – thanks mum.

Now, you all know I love a first attempt – like Lynne’s Cherry Iced Buns mentioned earlier. Mary chose a Tower bread machine recently and cleverly chose one of our Cheese & Onion bread mixes for her first attempt on the 3 hour programme. Really great results here – thanks Mary. Hope we have converted you now?

Oh a Lardy Cake made by Paul at home using our Premium White bread mix.  Lots of lovely laminations going on here – thanks so much.

Bex has made our Carrot cake mix up in her Cookworks bread machine.  This was set on programme 11 for 1 hour & 18 minutes. You have to leave the cake in the pan for 10 minutes then sit it on a trivet for a further 10 minutes to cool slightly before gently tipping out your cake.  Bex has creamed the cake and this unsupervised treat lets you get on nicely with your day until you can sit down & relax with a slice of cake, of course!

Hayley made up our Madeira cake mix with a squeeze of orange and a small scrap of zest in the batter, then to make the drizzle she used 2 medium Jaffa oranges juiced, zested & with a bit of the flesh too simply mixed with icing sugar and poured over the cake whilst it was still warm – gosh that looks good! 

And another from Hayley made using our Orange cake mix this time, creating an Orange & Lemon cake.  Made up with the usual 200ml of water + 60ml of oil then iced with the juice of 2 whole lemons, a few gratings of zest & caster sugar. 

We have many baking questions e mailed to us via the Contact Us page on our website.  Last week Josée asked if our Tea Cake recipe could be made into a loaf cake and, with a little extra baking time, yes it can and here’s the proof! Josée said it is a little “unconventionally shaped tea loaf” but she doesn’t have much in the way of bakeware.  This is just charming though, homemade with love and her husband could hardly wait until teatime! Thanks Josée for sharing your lovely tea loaf made with our Premium White bread mix

Tina has made our Orange cake mix up – with the necessary water & oil and added chocolate chips to it. Creating a lovely chocolate orange flavoured cake – just delicious!

Now, don’t be putting your slow cooker away just yet – it’s brilliant for baking your bread & cakes from our mixes. Richard likes to put his Cheddar & Sundried Tomato dough in a silicone loaf container, just dry on the base of his slow cooker – some prefer an upturned saucer. The slow cooker is set on high for 2 hours. As the slow cooker starts to heat up, this ultimately rises your dough & then bakes it. Thanks so much Richard.

Oh I am just marvelling over Ruth’s marvellous marble cakes! Created with our Chocolate Fudge & Madeira cake mixes. Both packs have created two marbellous (new word) cakes & you could turn this into one by using just half the packets. Thanks Ruth.

Clever Cheddar and Sundried Tomato share pull apart rolls! Thank you Becky who put chopped garlic and extra sundried tomatoes on the base! Talking of the base – Bex has just shown us all what a great base for your own ideas these bread mixes are!

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