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Baked by you at home for us all to enjoy!

June 10, 2021

Baked by you at home for us all to enjoy!

There was a birthday weekend at The Pyne House on instagram, @thepynehouse & here is their Chocolate Fudge cake, decorated with Kit-Kat fingers and lots of chocolates on top. I think you would have had a very happy 11 year old! Just such a lovely cake – thank you.

Edith said this cake was the best ever as she used our Toffee mix with 3 teaspoons of coffee granules, dissolved in boiling water then made up to 200mls + 60mls oil and a teaspoon of ground cardamom with a generous handful of hazelnuts added to the mix. Topped with a coffee icing, a sprinkling of edible gold stars & nuts, whole hazelnuts on the top! Edith thanked us for making it so easy – well thank you Edith for sharing such a lovely cake & giving me that hazelnut tune that will not leave my head now!

Sam & her husband, Drew made this lovely loaf in their slow cooker over the Bank Holiday weekend! This is our Farmhouse Wholemeal bread mix. Just made according to the pack instructions, they placed the dough into a paper cake liner in their 3.5 litre slow cooker. The dough was covered with a tea towel to catch condensation before putting the lid on & setting the machine on high for 2 hours. Sam said “the top was a bit soft when the bread came out but we fixed that by crisping it up in the oven for 20 minutes. It was really tasty and we will definitely be doing this again!”. Looks great Sam – thanks so much for sharing your slow cooked bread!

Another super, slow cooked loaf! Wendy has made up our Cheese & Onion bread mix & baked it in her slow cooker! She added strong cheddar & red onion to the mix and said “This would make a lovely picnic loaf to go with cold meats etc. It was a fab experiment which turned out delish” and Wendy, we concur!

Rob made a little pizza for his tea, using only 200g from a 500g pack of our Cheese & Onion bread mix for the base.  Both ends of the pizza were stuffed with frankfurters & cheese. Whilst you amaze me with what you do with our mixes, Rob said the best part was, there was no one pinching it – it was all for him!  Fab use of the frankfurters Rob – thanks so much! 

Another pizza to salivate over! This was Karen’s Saturday night supper which was a meat feast pizza fake away! Karen kindly said “I always use Wright’s Cheese & Onion bread mix for the base as it adds a lot of flavour”. Looks like a sensational Saturday night supper to me – thanks.

I love a jolly Giant Jaffa Cake – thanks for this one Terry! Clearly our recipes work well as there is very little difference between Terry’s Jaffa cake pictured and ours pictured on our website! Terry said “I have never used gelatine or made a ganache before so I was really pleased with how the cake turned out and everyone I have given a slice to has just loved it as well. I really like all the recipes you send out, so straight forward and easy to apply”. Thanks as always Terry.

Terry was a little tentative about making a Focaccia confirming he was “not very experienced and it seemed to look quite difficult. I watched half a dozen YouTube videos to get ideas about preparing this and here is the end result. How wrong could I have been, it was so simple and the smell from the kitchen was absolutely incredible.  All your bread mixes are so easy to use and give perfect results every time. I added some halved black olives and herbs from my garden.  I am going to look at recipes in your menu page and take this a step further as it is so nice to eat and it goes great with salads”.  Sometimes my customers say it best of all!

Paul decided to give our Classic Ciabatta mix a go & made 3 loaves in 3 x 1lb tins with a rising time of 25mins + a 25 mins bake in his 12l Air Fryer oven!  Paul said it “Tasted better than a shop bought bloomer with a nice crust”.  Well, we have never baked in an Air Fryer and Paul gave us a good tip for those of you who might also wish to bake in an Air Fryer, if the loaf is still soft on bottom, bake it upside down out of the tin for a further 5 minutes.

Paul has done it again, this time with our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato bread in a 3lb tin, using the whole 500g mix with 320ml of water in Air Fryer oven baked on 185 °C for 37mins. Lovely loaf Paul, looks very professional – thanks so much.

Turned out nice again! Our Cheddar & Sun Dried Tomato bread mix above was another of Zoe’s. She “was going to make it in a slow cooker but the loaf mould was too big so I cooked it a la oven lol! It tastes lovely. I am new to all this bread lark but totally hooked now”. Thanks so much.

You would have seen above that Edith used our Toffee mix with a generous handful of whole hazelnuts added to the mix. It was a lovely looking cake but left me with that hazelnut tune that would not leave my head for the day! Chris has popped it back in my mind by showing off these gorgeous Ginger Muffins which he has infused with – you’ve guessed it – roasted hazelnuts! Thanks Chris they look so tempting!

These beautiful breads have been put together by The Baking Nanna – Jacqueline Heaton – using our Strong White and Strong Wholemeal flours they have created these lovely loaves & the crust on the white boule is to die for!

We have not seen a Focaccia Garden for a while – made popular during early lockdown & great for getting vegetables into young ones. I do love these art breads to look at during the dough stage & especially at their baked stage! Thanks for choosing our Garlic & Rosemary bread mix & gracing it with your skills Reni.

Another from Reni – absolutely lovely & thanks so much for the mention of your “funky focaccia, inspired by vintage 60s wallpaper and finding a red onion in the back of the veg fridge drawer!  Made with my fave kitchen staple – Wright’s Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia mix”.  It looks fabulous! 

Sandra has made this amazing Chocolate & Orange marble cake with a pack of each dolloped into an 8” tin before marbling the two into a sensational swirl.  Sandra had a little mix left over and created a further 4 muffins as a treat for her neighbour. Thanks for sharing your ‘marbleous’ cake with us!

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