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Baked by you at home – for us all to enjoy!

November 30, 2021

Baked by you at home – for us all to enjoy!

We are featuring Linda’s cute Hot Chocolate Mug cake which she created with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix for a display at work. Linda said “It smells divine!” It certainly looks divine too. Thank you so much.

Vicci didn’t have enough cake mix in so she cleverly combined our Chocolate Fudge cake mix with one of our Orange cake mixes and said “wow they taste amazing. My new favourite cake”! She made the cake above and had some extra mix left over & made the cupcakes below too. Beautiful cakes Vicci – thanks.

Terry kindly thanked me for our previous newsletter which he said “ I always look forward to receiving as it always gives me new ideas and recipes. I tried a little experiment with your fine Ciabatta mix and made Ciabatta Swirls with Stilton and ham and they turned out fantastic – I didn’t know if it would work but the texture and dough turned out wonderful.” They certainly did Terry & look sensational! Thanks so much.

Terry took the idea from a previous newsletter as Karen Mary had produced these perfect pizza whirls – see the idea above. Created with ham, pepperoni, mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan that was fashioned into a pizza created with our clever Cheese & Onion bread mix as a base. You then roll it up, cut into slices, prove and bake! Beautiful & thanks to Karen Mary for this fab idea, to Rob Allen for creating the Marmite & cheese swirls below & of course to Terry for his Ciabatta creation!

Sorry for any diets ruined this afternoon but had to share Rea’s cake with you all! It’s made from 2 packs of our Chocolate Fudge Mix, baked in 7” tins. Both cakes were crumb coated with frosting to ensure the mini rolos and chocolate fingers stuck to it nicely! 

Oh Tony – that looks terrific – Tony has created our Premium White bread mix in his Panasonic bread making machine! Selecting a 1 hour 55 minute programme & adding 320ml of water to the mix – it’s a great looking loaf achieved easily! Thanks so much.

Veronica’s microwaved pud looks good! It was half a pack of our Ginger mix microwaved for just 5 minutes with a tempting toffee sauce poured over it. Veronica said the Ginger & Toffee flavoured sauce went very well together and that it was really good served with vanilla ice cream – I bet it was! 

It was Homemade Bread Day on 17th November & I am sure you all had a go! Linda did and her beautiful loaf, made with our Premium White bread mix is presented for us on this beautiful bread board. A nice greeting for me on the day – thank you.

Nice little treat for Diane and her family were these Toffee Apple Eve’s Pudding made with stewed Bramley’s under our Toffee cake mix.  Another variation used with the Toffee mix was sliced bananas & a tin of Carnation’s caramel swirled on the top.

All these Toffee cake topped Stewed Apple & Banana cakes were all made from just 1 pack of our Toffee cake mix.

Sue has made these awesome orange & chocolate chip cookies with our Orange cake mix. Sue confirmed that “the not so elegant icing decoration is also orange flavoured”. We like them and have named them Noughts and Crosses Cookies for you Sue! Thanks.

Sue has baked this deliciously large Toffee muffins from our Toffee cake mix & added chocolate chips!

14 muffins all from 1 pack of our Madeira mix. Chris added two tablespoons of vanilla syrup to the mix which always adds flavour & volume.

When you can’t sleep after a late shift – we could all do what Karen did – make some delicious homemade soups & a clever Cheddar & Sundried Tomato loaf to accompany them! Hope you slept well & enjoy your lunch – thanks Karen

Thanks so much for sharing your ideas made using our mixes.

Deb the Bread

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