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Home Made Hot Cross Buns

April 7, 2022

Home Made Hot Cross Buns

Our Hot Cross Buns can be made as either white or wholemeal.  Please have a go but please read the recipe through first – I do not want any hot and cross bunnies amongst you!  There is a possibility of 3 different mixes used in our Hot Cross Bun recipe achieved by using either Premium White OR Wholemeal mixes and whichever one you choose is then blended with a Ciabatta mix.  This recipe yields approx 30 Hot Cross Buns and is great fun for the family to do! A smaller quantity of buns can be made by using half a pack of each mix and half the quantity of other ingredients.

Sammie made her Hot Cross Buns with our Strong White flour.  There are some good step by step instructions on the link here from her blog.  Sammie said, “It’s that time of year when the spicy scent of Hot Cross Buns hits you as you enter the supermarket. Somehow though, I’m always a bit disappointed with the slightly squished, supermarket Hot Cross Buns. Yes they may be convenient, but, I’m here to persuade you to try the homemade version”.  

Nice message from Rosemary, saying “Our family absolutely loved the Easter Slice, the marzipan middle made it extra yummy. My family said they prefered it to the usual hot cross buns, so thank you for that recipe”. That’s a pleasure Rosemary – now it is here for all to see and enjoy too.

Baker Mike did some test baking with our Strong White bread flour. Mike said, “It’s very good for making hot cross buns. Brilliant rise and flavour. I included lemon and orange zest and juices for a fresh tasting bun”. Delighted to work with Mike who is Baking columnist for Keighley News, he is also Sainsbury’s Award-Winning Master Baker.

Another of Mike’s are these Hot Cross Buns with Earl Grey Tea & Apple that he made with our Wholemeal flour – thanks Mike there is quite a bit to this recipe which makes it Good Friday afternoon fun! The fruit is firstly infused with Earl Grey Tea, and later amalgamated to the dough. Mmmm Earl Grey hot cross buns may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they certainly appeal to me! I also like the Hot Cross Bun Loaf he created here – great for the toaster – pass the butter please.

Choc Cross Buns, Choc Cross Buns – not one a penny two a penny – but nevertheless cheaper made at home with a mix!  These are infused with Chocolate Chips instead of Sultanas or Raisins, clearly we cannot get enough chocolate this Easter so Choc Cross Buns it is!

And for those who prefer Easter a little more savoury, do try Rob’s delicious idea for Hot Cross Cheese Buns made easily with our Cheddar Cheese & Onion mix. A little Red Leicester crossing the middle after proving.  Please cut the crosses in prior to proving – cutting your rolls after their rise can degas them. Nice alternative here – thanks so much Rob.

Thanks & enjoy Easter – Deb the Bread

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