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Recently Baked by You at Home

February 7, 2022

Recently Baked by You at Home

I found this earlier on in the year on Instagram from @hka_create – Oh Hannah thanks – your stuffed Premium White bread numbers are amazing with a filling of sausage, bacon, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes as well as adding some pesto (red or green). Baked and enjoyed – she made quite a lot so it was perfect for lunch boxes the next day also!

Hayley’s awesome Orange cake cheered her up during the rain this week – looks very lush with a grating of orange on top – we all need our vitamin c currently!  Thanks Hayley.

Wow and wow again! This is ‘Nian’, made out of our Chocolate Fudge cake mix, sandwiched and crumb coated with vanilla buttercream. The crown of ‘Nian’ was achieved through layering and texturing of sugar paste by the ridiculously talented @stefsbrownies Antique and Light Gold Metallic Lustre Dust mixed with a clear spirit was used to paint various sections. For the shimmer effect, the front section of ‘Nian’ was airbrushed Pearl White whilst the sides, with Royal Gold to create more depth .

Deborah has made this Walnut and Coffee cake with our Madeira mix over the weekend. Instead of 200ml water, it is 200ml of espresso.  For the icing, icing sugar, butter and 40ml of espresso and 2 teaspoons of dried roasted coffee mixed with espresso. Crushed walnuts on sides and whole for decoration – a clever coffee cake infused with coffee & I love the sound of the buttercream which is also nicely infused.

Ian has made this lovely Sticky Toffee Pudding cake by adding 50g of chopped dates, soaked in tea for 30 minutes and 50g of white chocolate chips to our Toffee cake mix. It went down very well with his wife’s work colleagues! No surprize. 

Oh, Susan that is sensational! Our Premium White performing perfectly in her Panasonic bread making machine. Just 320ml of water is added to the mix and popped on a 1 hour 55 minute programme.

Oh Karen – they look amazing – gorgeous cupcakes baked with our Orange cake mix & Galaxy chocolate within – thanks.

Another wonderful weekend bake was by Ann who shared her first attempt at an anti gravity cake – you will make that again won’t you Ann? She used 2 packs of our Chocolate Fudge cake mix with buttercream and crushed Oreos to sandwich the layers together before covering the sides with chocolate fingers & using the Maltesers on the top.

Chris broke his record for the number of muffins made from one pack of our Madeira mix. He made 16! As you can see, they aren’t small ones either. Chris added a tablespoon of vanilla syrup & put in some blueberries as well – creating a really scrumptious & moist batch of bakes! Thanks Chris.

Jem is a student hoping to take part in a world challenge through school to Peru. He needs to raise money to be able to take part in this opportunity and is fundraising furiously. Dad is assisting by baking these sensational sourdough breads with our Strong White Flour for friends & family in return for donations – good luck!

Lovely Julie – thanks for sharing. Here is proof that our Premium White performs perfectly when it comes to creating a pizza! Yes, you will achieve 3 x 8? pizza bases from 1 pack of Premium White bread mix which can lead to an array of terrific toppings! 

Our terrific Toffee cake mix made up into 12 muffins with blueberries – a taste sensation surely. Thanks Chris for sharing these beauties.

Just had to share this amazing project by @stefsbrownies again – great use of our Chocolate Fudge to create the mushroom tops before they were coated with vanilla buttercream and covered with white sugar paste. The colours were achieved by airbrushing layers of yellow, red and purple – thanks so much Stef.

As we know from previous posts, Brodie bakes! It’s just lovely that he made his mummy some Madeira muffins for her birthday recently – go Brodie!

Julie has made these super soft, fluffy, homemade naan bread with our Premium White bread mix, brushed with melted garlic butter. These are perfect for mopping up the sauce from your favourite curry! These mini naan were made with just a quarter of a pack of our bread mix & 80ml of water but if you want a few more, use half a pack. These were inspired to accompany a homemade Indian meal. Consisting of a coconut dhal (in the bowl), chickpea curry, spinach, mushroom and potato curry, tomato, onion and coriander salad, mint & yogurt raita and, it was all said to be delicious, especially the naan!

Till, we love your mini mite rolls from our recipe on the website thank you so much!

We have a lovely new bread recipe for you too, in the form of this fabulous French Style loaf. This is mainly for the more artisan amongst you as it calls for a Poolish – a ferment to add to the bread. Using a Poolish will have several benefits as there is more time for yeast action on the starch & proteins within the dough. This will improve the keeping of the baked bread as well as giving it more flavour. Starters & other ferments of various forms, such as Poolish are widely used in artisanal bread recipes & this lovely loaf was created with a 24-hour Poolish along with our sensational Strong White Flour

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