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Recently baked by you at home:

June 13, 2022

Recently baked by you at home:

A perfect Purple Yam aka Ube (a firm favourite of South East Asia especially in the Philippines), these Ube Blondies are now available at Raya Grocery in Borough Market. Created with our perfect Plain Flour, they are sometimes green, sometimes purple & have a slightly earthy flavour due to the huge amount of ube halaya (purple yam paste) used in Stef’s recipe. It’s chewy and fudgy texture is achieved from the browning of butter whilst white chocolate chips offer a burst of milky sweetness accompanied by a hint of vanilla. A limited amount of these Ube Blondies by @Stefsbrownies are available as they’re only baked in small batches and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Someone has been busy baking.  Last week, our customer Grace baked the following goodies. Toffee & Banana loaf, Carrot cake, Feta & Olive rolls and a Roasted vegetable loaf – all from our website!

Thanks Keith – this is half a pack of our Ciabatta mix made in his 2lb (800g) capacity machine.  A lovely light loaf created with just 250g of Ciabatta & 175ml water and two teaspoons of oil on a programme of around 2 hours 20 minutes. 

A gorgeous Ginger overload here – thanks Susan.  Our Ginger cake mix with 3 – 4 pieces of chopped stem ginger in syrup and one tablespoon of syrup from the jar.  Baked in a 2lb loaf tin. When cooked, Susan pierced the loaf with a skewer & added three or four tablespoons of the syrup over the hot loaf, using a brush to spread any excess over the cake. How delicious! 

The Bald Baker Paul has done it again!  This time he has created a Ginger cake topped with lemon drizzle and some candied rhubarb ribbons, fresh from his garden!   

Our Chocolate Fudge cake mix was made up by Emma, aged 6 – with a little supervision from Dad! I was particularly delighted with this image as it shows a classic Chocolate Fudge, quite different to our other mixes which rise and dome – this has the characteristic homemade crack along the top. A traditional Chocolate Fudge Cake is so moist and fudgy that it will fall back by its own nature – producing a fairly flat top with a slight dip in the middle as this shows. Emma, if this was a Technical Challenge on the Great British Bake Off – you would have received top marks from both Prue and Paul! But this got a 10 out of 10 from me!

Yes, I guess we are watching the pennies right now, Chris has made Madeira muffins using our cake mix with added cranberries. He added an extra 50ml of water and got 14 instead of the recommended 12 as stated on the pack – nice one!

Thanks go to Jane in Loughborough for this seasonally spectacular rhubarb and raspberry sponge – made with our Madeira cake mix.  Delicious – especially if the fruit is home grown.

Maralyn baked up some lovely herb bread – here it is straight out of her oven. Made with our Premium White and some of her herby mixture. Thanks.

This Biscoff cake was made by @hippytea1 on Twitter for her niece’s birthday. It started off with our Toffee cake mix as a base & it was filled with Tiptree’s salted caramel spread, covered with a crunchy Biscoff spread then coated in edible gold glitter. Gosh – it looks gorgeous – thanks.

Hope you all enjoyed the Jubilee Celebrations? I did an article for last month for ideas for your platinum, patriotic party fare but some other ideas came in after the event, as follows:

Till created the lovely Jubilee Trifle from our recipe on the website & said “nobody can claim I haven’t made a decent regal jubilatory effort – guided by Wright’s. I’ve made the Lemon Swiss Roll and Amaretti pudding. Turns out, neatly portioning a trifle is near impossible – but it is lovely with a little sip of Sauternes dessert wine.” Cheers Till – it really is a beauty!

Obvously Stef @Stefsbrownies commemorated The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with these trio of cakesicles. Created in the colours of the British flag, each cakesicle is surrounded with hand painted motifs & adorned with a crown. Created with our Plain flour, Stef has been trying out a new technique by encasing them in sugar paste rather than chocolate. This made it possible for him to airbrush them with a final coating of non-powdered colours or lustre. Perfect for the Platinum Jubilee – even the lolly sticks look lovely! 

Wonderful Jubilee bakes & thanks to Karen @2teaornot2teaa on Instagram who used our Madeira cake mix to make a four layer 6 inch cake.  Filled with homemade jam and white chocolate ganache. Then it was covered in more ganache before placing the special jubilee printed icing sheet around it. It was a bit tricky but she was happy with her first attempt. Karen loves trying out new ideas and designs & needs to plan what cake to make for Fathers Day next – time to revisit her page I think!

I thought Terry’s Victoria Sponge was lovely & cheerful – made with our Madeira mix, jammed & creamed and adorned with paper ornaments – thank you.

Ever since Sarah came across our recipe for Gâteaux Alexandra she was keen to make it.  The Jubilee weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out!  Made using half a packet of our Chocolate Fudge cake mix (already having plans in place for the other half), 25g of ground almonds, 100ml water and 2tbsp oil, baked at 180 for 30 minutes and decorated with piped rich chocolate buttercream, white chocolate hearts and glacé cherries and cut into portions.  Thanks Sarah – it’s a cake fit for a Queen!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful bakes.

Deb the Bread

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