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The Instant Fruit Cake Collection.

November 29, 2021

The Instant Fruit Cake Collection.

Credit where credit is due – we all want an Instant Fruit Cake at this time of year and Chris from Enfield has kindly provided me with one, a couple of years ago, by simply taking a pack of our Madeira mix and adding jar of mincemeat to it.  Chris only used half the amount of vegetable oil required (30ml) due to the suet within the mincemeat and added 200ml of water to the mix.  Because of the juice within the cake, it took a little longer to cook than normal.  This provided a fabulously festive flavour throughout the cake.  Since then – I have enjoyed an awesome array of Instant Fruit Cakes from many of our various cake mixes – see below.

Chris also tried the idea of hers with our Carrot Cake Mix which created a darker, spicier cake. It wasn’t until she tried the recipe with our Orange Cake that it took on a complete taste sensation again!

Tony produced his Instant Fruitcake that he made with our Orange Cake Mix, again adding add a 320g jar of mincemeat, half the amount of vegetable oil required (30ml) due to the suet within the mincemeat and added 200ml of water to the mix. Because of the juice within the cake, it took a little longer to cook than normal but it provides a fabulously festive flavour throughout the cake and Tony brushed his with marmalade & a sprinkling of demerara sugar to the top. No surprise he has cut it already! Thanks Tony.

Thanks so much Sue for making this Instant Fruit Cake up with our Madeira Cake Mix this time – gosh these cake mixes are versatile aren’t they? Sue made up the pack of Madeira and the required ingredients noting that this recipe always takes a little longer to cook than the pack suggests and this one of Sue’s took 2 hours to bake through on gas mark 3. This beauty was for her local village Church Fete so I hope she was able to resist it! Sue confirmed she will be making one for herself again before Christmas. This creates a marvellously moist cake and is definitely something to easily enjoy during the festive period.

Shelia found us on Instagram and said she had “just made this Madeira cake adding a jar of Christmas mincemeat & mixed spice – it smells delicious and looks so good I can’t wait to cut and taste it!” Thanks Shelia – I don’t think that one is going to last long!

Another Instant Fruit Cake for my collection has been made by Dawn using our Orange Cake Mix and the mincemeat.  The Orange mix provides a fabulous festive flavour and I just love the colour on this cake which was baked in an 8” cake tin.

Another Instant Fruit Cake for my growing collection and another made with our awesome Orange Cake & the mincemeat. It would appear that I am not the only one with my eye on this one – Alfie the dog seems to be pleading for a piece too! Thanks for sharing this one Alan.

I am very excited about so many of you now all enjoying our cake mixes & throwing in a 320g jar of mincemeat!  This is Carol’s Instant Fruit Cake again made with our Orange mix, a jar of mincemeat achieving a delicious & quick instant fruit cake! 

ldI now have lots of images of Instant Fruitcake’s made with our various cake mixes & thanks to Jane for being the first to show me some individual instant fruited cupcakes for this growing collection!

Almost Christmas and there you have it – well, half of it!  Thanks so much Steph, this was made with our Orange cake mix & 320g of Steph’s homemade green tomato mincemeat with no suet.  Said to be “absolutely delicious & so popular that this is all that’s left”.

Pauline has made the Instant Fruit Cake everyone is trying – made with our Orange cake mix and said “it was a great success, everyone at church loved it so did my husband. I have let a few friends into my secret now, and have introduced them to your cake mixes, they are delighted with the results, and say how easy they are to make”. Thanks Pauline

Sandra tried out our Orange cake mix – now it’s in Tescos – creating an Orange & Mincemeat Instant fruit cake. She added a few cherries & nuts on top & said “it will be interesting to see how it tastes” – I bet it tastes amazing, thanks Sandra.

We have another Instant Fruit Cake here by Jo which looks lovely! Made with our marvellous Madeira cake mix & a jar of mincemeat.

And this delicious specimen by Alan – thanks so much.

Christine’s Instant Fruit Cake just out of the oven – this time made with our Carrot Cake Mix – marvellous!

Who has the time to make a traditional Christmas cake, not Chris! Her instant fruit cake was made and decorated yesterday using our Carrot cake mix and a jar of Amaretto mincemeat. As the inventor of this festive treat Chris so very kindly thanked all of us at Wrights for making it so easy. Well, Thank you Chris!

Lynn created an instant fruit cake with our Madeira mix and treated it to a covering of Maltesers for a sweet treat and festive fondant on top made it look like a Christmas Pudding!

Margaret created an Instant Malted Fruit Loaf!  Using our Premium White Bread mix, Margaret added 200ml Malt Extract, 150g Dried Fruit with Cranberries, 100g Mincemeat and approximately 120ml tepid water and cooked it for the time stated in the instructions on the back of the packet.

Christine kindly said “This cake always gets a warm welcome – a spiced orange fruit cake topped with marmalade and sugar” made with our awesome Orange Mix, it is her family favourite – how lovely.

This Instant Fruit cake was made by Karen with our Orange cake mix with the lovely addition of a marmalade glaze on the top of the flaked almonds – her Christmas cake is done & I am delighted to have been of assistance!

While Chris was busy at work, her husband sorted out this year’s Instant Fruit Cake with our Ginger mix. Lucky Chris – Ian used a shot of spiced rum with 320g jar of Amaretto mincemeat – adults only – great topper Chris – thanks so much for sharing this one.

A couple of nice almond topped, 1lb sized instant fruit cakes ready for gifting – ribbon at the ready & someone comes along and takes a slice out of one! This is our Orange cake mix with a jar of mincemeat incorporated to give a festive flavour – thanks Sylv – suppose you will have to make another couple?

Oh Chris – your wonderful recipe idea for use with our cake mixes has put us in the press! Thanks so much – Bakery Business Magazine have highlighted us recently with the Instant Fruit Cake idea – well done & huge thanks.

Another cake to enjoy at this time of year is our fabulously festive Festival Cake so you can sit in front of a nice warm fire and finish off your Christmas cards. As with all our cake mixes you do not have to start quite so early any more or have to keep removing it from the cupboard every week and “feeding” it with brandy!  What a relief that you can knock-up a fruited cake, (very moist with or without the booze) as late as Christmas Eve!  I think it is brilliant – because I get to drink the brandy I would have otherwise used in the cake!!

Thanks so much – Deb the Bread

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