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Baked by you – at home.

September 15, 2021

Baked by you – at home.

We are featuring the 18th birthday cake that Diane made for her nephew using 750g of our Chocolate Fudge cake mix. This created a nice large sponge and a mint buttercream was used in the middle & the topping is mighty minty too!  Diane very kindly said of our mixes, “Perfect cakes every time”.  It looks perfect to us – thanks so much.

What a lovely job Malcolm made creating a Mixed Grain & an Oat & Linseed loaf from our mixes. They are cooling off here before being treated to a spreading of local farm butter at lunchtime!

Till created a very Mediterranean hybrid using our Ciabatta mix to create this Potato Focaccia style bread. Layered with fried slices of potato, onion & herbs, topped with olives & feta cheese – oh Till, yes please!

Another lovely cake to show off has been made with our Madeira cake mix that Jane turned into a St. Clements Sponge!  Using a mix of orange & lemon juice, Jane diced some oranges & lemons.  Once cooked & cooled she covered top with tangy lemon cream icing. 

Chris managed to bake 8 muffins using just half a pack of our Orange cake mix! Coupled with a splash of Caramel syrup and topped with chopped roasted hazelnuts. His new wooden manikin is wondering what they are but just a little taste of one will tell you it is our awesome Orange mix.  Thanks as always Chris.

Emma made these lovely chocolate chip muffins using our Chocolate Fudge cake mix. How good do they look – having been made quickly & easily at home? Superbly studded with chocolate chips – thanks.

I love this recipe of a White Chocolate & Cranberry Kugelhopf that Terry made, as it shows our recipe from our website against one made at home – no difference! All the recipes made using our clever mixes work wonderfully well, never disappointed with this one made with our Premium White bread mix.  Thanks Terry.

Lisa made this lovely Ginger cake over the weekend from our clever cake mix & incorporated it with a supermarket’s luxury fruit and nut mixture – looks amazing – lovely idea Lisa – thank you. The little buns were from some left over mix that were drizzled with lemon juice.

We enjoyed some beautiful Bank Holiday baking especially this one from Terry who made a Toffee Cake from our mix & decorated it with white chocolate & salted caramel icing for his “wonderful mother in law”. Filled with Nestle Chocolate & Caramel Munchies – it just looks delicious Terry – thanks so much.

Paul tweeted us @WrightsBaking to show off the pizza he made with our Ciabatta mix. He just about managed to get the photo before the family tucked into it & kindly gave me a thumbs up from the family. That will be a lovely light base made with a little of the Ciabatta mix Paul – just delicious & no arguments about the toppings when created at home!

I think we can all agree that Terry creates an awesome Orange cake with our mix!  This has chocolate chips baked in & is decorated with a delicious combination of milk chocolate chips, a salted caramel topping & is topped with those nice looking Malteser orange buttons.  Terry said our “Orange is such a good cake mix – although I can’t fault any of them”.  Thanks Terry.

Oh, Ian has made a Citrus Drizzle cake with our Orange cake mix. He added lemon zest to the cake mix, baked it and topped it with a lemon drizzle icing then left it to cool in the tin. His wife’s work colleagues loved it when she took it in for her birthday! Thanks Ian.

Well, this turned out rather well for Christine.  It started out just as something to use up her ripe banana’s on Saturday 11th September which is #BananaDay itself and using our Carrot cake mix along with our recipe for a Banana Date & Walnut cake, created this lovely looking cake!   

Lovely idea for a nice looking loaf – made with our Premium White mix & huge thanks to Linda’s daughter for this one!

An Eves Pudding made with our Toffee cake mix by Diane. It looks absolutely delicious & who doesn’t love the terrific taste combination of toffee & apple? Diane kindly confirmed that all the puddings below were made with just half a 500g pack! Great value – perfect puds too!

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