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Our Autumn Hall of Fame – all baked by you at home.

October 28, 2020

Our Autumn Hall of Fame – all baked by you at home.

Anyone else started on the Christmas cake yet?  We normally start ours around 25th October. Our fabulous recipe for a Festival cake, made with our Carrot cake mix + enriching prune juice is frequently viewed.  Edith has used our Orange mix instead for this cake, substituting the prune juice for Greek brandy – Yammas!

Barbie baked one up one of our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato mixes in her bread making machine as above! At the time, I was not sure what machine she has but being a ‘bread anorak’ I guessed it was done in a Panasonic on a 1 hour 55 minute programme – using the whole pack with just 320ml of water – she replied to me the next day confirming I was right!

Beautiful Bakewell Tart – thanks Lisa – made with our Madeira cake mix + almond essence + a sprinkling of almonds on top. You can use a purchased pastry case if desired.

I chose to make a little feature of my friend’s working lunch – I had tried the soup she made which was superb and the Mixed Grain bread was baked in an 20cm (8″) round tin which I think looks fantastic. Good value as the wedges were put in the freezer for individual use another time. Thanks Moire.

Thanks Ann – we love your blueberry muffins made with our Madeira mix. Just a small punnet of fresh blueberries were folded into the mix prior to baking – beautiful.

A fabulous Fougasse indeed – thanks to _three_peas on Instagram.  Made with our Strong White Flour and an amalgamation of roasted red onion & tomatoes.   This flat bread with its traditional cut pattens is made to resemble an ear of wheat and has an interesting history. Fougasse was traditionally used to assess the temperature of a wood fired oven. The time it would take to bake, gave an idea of the oven temperature and whether the rest of the villages bread can then be baked.  It’s like a primitive form of pizza, usually without the tomato.  Unless you use sundried tomatoes in your dough, the use of small or sliced tomato normally just goes to mush in baked bread but, because this does not take long to bake, it is a perfect way to show off some garden grown tomatoes or enjoy some that you have bought.  

A wonderful winter warmer comes in the form of Chris’s Ginger & Lime cake here.  Chris bought a lime & one of our Ginger cake mixes and combined the two flavours together resulting in this beauty that is haloed with light!  Thanks Chris.

Alison has been playing around with our cake mixes to feature in a forthcoming blog of hers, resulting in this Peach Melba cake, made with our Madeira mix, peaches, raspberry coulis & freeze dried raspberries.  Just proving that these cake mixes are a great base for your own ideas. 

Thought this Orange & Carrot cake looked amazing. It’s our Carrot cake mix, with 2 pulped oranges and orange zest, sandwiched together with some homemade orange marmalade and cream. Drizzled with more marmalade. Thanks to Steph for sharing your sensational cake! 

Our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato bread mix – performing perfectly. Mixed and raised in a 2lb loaf tin – baked off in the oven and cut whilst warm. There is nothing like it – thanks Karen for sharing this beauty.

Ali has made up our Orange Cake Mix and decorated it with a simple drizzle of water icing and a little zest of orange – how professional does this look for a 55 minute bake & a small outlay in the local supermarket! We kid you not, we state on the packs, little bag – lots of cake and that’s exactly what you get!

Simplicity again, Sammie’s beautiful bloomer – created & proved on a baking tray, scored, seeded and baked. Perfectly made with our Premium White mix.

Thanks Janet we love this seasonal splendour created with apples & blackberries amalgamated into our Madeira cake mix – absolutely beautiful.

Handsome hunk of a loaf here – beautifully folded into a 2lb loaf tin by Christina at home. This is made using that incredibly clever Cheddar Cheese & Onion mix of ours!

Good looking Ginger cake here Jackie – thanks. This was made with our mix for her mum, baked with love then.

Thanks Pauline – milk loaf & flat breads created with our Premium White bread mix + 160ml of slightly warm milk & 160ml tepid water. Two packs created a selection of flat breads for tonight + a lovely 2lb loaf ready for slicing into sandwiches tomorrow.

Thanks to you all for getting to our Autumn Hall Of Fame & for your awesome ideas for use with our bread & cake mixes.

Deb the Bread

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