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Wedding Cakes

July 13, 2022

Wedding Cakes

Wedding season has started and we feature Edith’s clever cupcakes idea here – made with our Chocolate Fudge Mix and vanilla butter cream for the Bride and Groom to savour! Delightfully decorated too – well done you!

We are able to offer a variety of cake mixes for the bride and groom to chose from, which can sometimes be traditional but nowadays, quite quirky. Gill’s cake below, made with our cake mix was for a couple that specifically requested a monochrome cake – beautiful.

Away from the plain sponge or fruited wedding cakes there are requests for chocolate with salted caramel, orange or lemon and, the still popular naked cakes dressed up in jam, buttercream and flowers.

There are plenty of ombre buttercream with adornments being requested, along with drip cakes and various colourful themes. Whatever their chosen centre piece for the day, make sure you achieve a great base cake – this is our Orange cake mix showing the lovely orange fruit pieces in the mix itself.

Available in 500g packs along with a 12kg range for confectioners or those of you with particularly large order books this year!  This beautiful cake was made by Rosemary with our Madeira cake mix for her daughter’s wedding.  It’s a whopper actually, the second tier was 10” round taking 3½ packs of Madeira and there was none left by the end of the night – no surprise there!  I love the bunting idea it looks so cheerful and a great match for the wedding colours. 

I keep looking at Lisa’s lovely wedding cake that she has made with our Madeira and decorated it beautifully with a small statue and a string of pearls – so elegant. When the wedding was over, she sent us this picture.  Lisa received lots of compliments on the cake itself – which is no surprise to me.  I was happy to help Lisa with the amount of Madeira mix to use for the two larger tins which was a pleasure especially as it turned out so beautifully.

We have seen some dazzling designs recently and Cakes By Linzi made this for an Ayrshire wedding, the tartan fondant was to match the Groom’s kilt and the flowers were as used in the Bride’s bouquet.  It’s just lovely Linzi, who baked this absolute beauty with our Carrot cake mix

These ‘naked wedding cakes’ without royal icing or fondant are very popular now.  I love this one by Lindy which was cleverly served as a dessert at the wedding and every bit was eaten (no surprise).  This is how it was started and the finished cake is just lovely, Lindy – well done and thanks so much for using our 12kg Madeira mix.

One from the ‘boys’, this beautiful cake was made by Paul for his son’s wedding – how wonderful!  It is actually only the second cake he has made, except for muffins etc.  Using our Orange Zest and Chocolate Fudge mixes poured in 4 turns and swirled with the back of spoon to create a marble effect to the base itself.  Delightfully decorated.

Oh wow – Linda thanks so very much for sharing this beautiful cake with us!  Linda said; “Hi Deb, I thought I would share with you my very successful half and half Wedding Cake I made for my daughter Lisa. I used your Madeira mix with chocolate chips, ChocolateToffee and Chocolate again for the top tier.  Using all the quantities on your web site for the correct tin sizes, I froze all cakes in advance, then thawed and iced the day before the Wedding. They all came out perfect!  Thank you for helping with your wonderful cake mixes to make the wedding cake so successful”. 

This Wedding Cake shows the versatility of our cake mixes off perfectly and how they can be put to such a great use.  A couple of the tiers are made with our Madeira cake mix and the other a traditional fruit cake. Made by Sandy for her daughter’s wedding and expertly hand decorated by the groom’s Auntie Jill.  What’s with the sheep I asked, and is that a tractor on the top?  Yes, Rachel married the farmer & her husband drove away from church in the tractor.  Just a lovely story & a beautiful cake! 

Its nice that the ‘not so naughty naked cakes’ are having a further term and were not just a fad of previous years.  We love Claire-Ann’s Cake here who said “I baked my friend’s wedding cake this summer using Wright’s flour.  So happy with the result!”  We are delighted you shared it with us Claire-Ann!

I can understand well, that you save a great deal of time making cake with our mixes – allowing you more time on the decoration! Patrick was in a bit of a panic putting together this wedding cake made with our Madeira & Chocolate Fudge mixes. A few days after the event, we received this lovely message from him: “All who tried this wedding cake were complimentary and almost all of it went by the end of the night and the Madeira did turn out to be sufficiently moist, despite my fears.  The Chocolate Fudge Cake is, I find, a very forgiving cake mix and I would have to work really hard to mess up any cake ideas using it. So, thank you for your advice, thank you for your interest and thank you for providing cake and bread mixes that are straight forward, reliable, sensibly priced and good to eat”.

Wonderful wedding cake made by Ghazala here!  The bottom tier was a chocolate orange cake created with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix and added Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Valencia Orange essence.  The top tier was a white chocolate cake where our Madeira cake mix came in to its own with the addition of 300g of melted white chocolate. Ghazala said “the bride loved it very much”. Total credit to Ghazala for this one with its fabulous flavours and delightful decoration.

Sarah at cake-e-licious in Hilton, Derby made this stunning cake using our Carrot, Madeira and Chocolate Fudge Mixes!  Sarah said, the comments were non-stop.   The cakes were made and froze a week before and the cakes were covered in icing 5 days prior to the wedding, due to the work needed on them.  The cakes were still moist and as fresh as if they had just come out of the oven”.  Great praise indeed – thanks so much Sarah.

This beauty was created with 4 packets of our Chocolate Fudge cake mix for the 10″ base. Three packets of Toffee cake mix was used for the 8″ middle tier and a packet of Madeira (with added lemon) for the top. Said to be the “Best cake ever”,  it certainly looks it and with all the extra cupcakes made for the wedding favours I can understand well, that you save a great deal of time making cake with Wright’s mixes – allowing you more time on the decoration! 

Congratulations to Kerry & Michael on their recent nuptials. The beautiful cake was made by mum, Karen. The base was our Chocolate Fudge, the centre was a lemon flavoured Madeira & the top cake was made with our Orange mix – something for everyone surely.

Wishing happy weddings to all of you taking your vows this year & good luck to all you clever cake bakers & decorators too, as you create the all important cake.

Deb the Bread

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