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October 11, 2022


Lots of cakes to look at this month, basically due to our involvement in recently supporting Classic FM’s 30th birthday celebrations for the #ClassicFMsBigBirthdayBake to raise money for Global’s @makenoise charity.

We are featuring this Biscoff cake which was made by @hippytea1 on Twitter for her niece’s birthday. It started off with our Toffee cake mix as a base & filled with Tiptree salted caramel spread, covered with a crunchy Biscoff spread then coated in edible gold glitter. Gosh – it looks gorgeous – thanks.

Bev messaged us, asking about baking times for larger cakes. This is what she has made with our Madeira cake mix for a 1-year-old’s birthday! Just enchanting. You amaze us with what you do with our cake mixes!

Here’s an idea… Have you ever thought of combining two of our cake mixes to make a marble cake? Here are some of our pairing suggestions…
Chocolate Fudge & Orange
Madeira & Toffee
Chocolate Fudge & Madeira

Terry is a fan of our Norfolk Fruit Cake & combined the recipe with that of our Festival Cake – omitting the prune juice.  Terry said, “it’s just another wonderful Norfolk Fruit Cake with mixed fruits in brandy, walnuts cherries and almonds which I made for one of my wife’s friends who stated it was the best fruit cake she had ever eaten!  This is Ginger cake mix based with added ginger, baked in 8-inch Lakeland tins which are the best I believe, you can get, and not expensive.

Another cake combining two of our recipes evolved from our National Account Manager, Richard who has been working on the recipes he will be demonstrating on stage at The Cake & Bake Show next month. Here is his Ginger & Pear Cake with a clever Caramel Sauce from our Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe. If you’re coming, make sure you catch our demo and try some samples afterwards on our stand J30 at ExCel.

Thank you to Louise who used our Orange cake mix to bake this lovely swirl cake with a Nordic Ware cake tin.  What a beauty of a Bundt. 

The Green Leopard tweeted us @Wrightsbaking with this Ukulele shaped Ginger cake to see how baking with this tin would work out, using our Ginger cake mix.

A rather tempting treat from Till here who made this marvellous Madeira tray bake with our mix. Lathered in butter cream with some chocolate chips too – well, why not! The beautiful berries were from his garden.

Wow! This carrot cake looks so beautiful and summery. Our cake mixes create the perfect sweet accompaniment to a barbeque or picnic. The Carrot cake mix is available in packs of 5 x 500g on our website.

Nichola baked up this good old school favourite, using our Madeira cake mix, jam and desiccated coconut.  She enjoyed a bake up using our various mixes; Ginger topped with jellybeans & Toffee decorated with dolly mixtures, before going back to school – I could tell she is a teacher as she spelt desiccated correctly!   

Clever cheese, marmite & chorizo swirls have been made by @rob_c_allen via Instagram, using a packet of our Cheddar Cheese & Onion bread mix. Baked to maximise oven the usage, after Sunday’s chicken had roasted. Nice one Rob – thanks so much.

The @bald.baker.paul on Instagram popped this terrific Toffee treat up for #spongecakeday a while back.  It is delightfully decorated, and made using our Toffee cake mix as a scrumptious base.  

Kim messaged us on Facebook @Wright’s Baking saying, I love your cake mixes. Just wanted to show you a Rhubarb & Apple cake I made, using your Madeira cake mix.  Rhubarb inside, Apple on the top.  The apple on the top looks like our recipe for Cinnamon Apple Cup Cakes & as we are all baking to maximise oven usage (as Rob Allen said earlier above) I can see something else bubbling in the middle oven!  Well done, Kim.

Ian made this Madeira & sultana tray bake with our cake mix as the base.  Here it is, just out of the oven.  Ian soaked the sultanas in Earl Grey tea for a couple of hours prior to use – I bet that gave it a depth of flavour, Ian?

Thanks Colin, who said of our Toffee cake mix, “you just can’t go wrong, just prod with a knife to make sure they are done and use paper tin liners”.  Colin showed off the “two I made earlier”.   Toffeerific – thanks, Colin.

We heard from Barbara who said, “I can now bake a beautiful loaf in my air fryer using your Premium White bread mix. I follow the instructions on the mix, then after the final proving for an hour in the tin, I cook for 30 mins at 190° then turn the bread over and put it back in the air fryer minus the tin for a further 15 minutes. Cool completely on a wire cooling rack. Really yummy”. Interesting for those of you cooking with Air Fryers – thanks Barbara.

A couple from The Baking Nanna who, along with Rob Allen – mentioned earlier, are now running the #gbbotwitterbakealong alongside The Great British Bake Off.  As Wright’s offered a prize following Cake Week, Nanna got in on the act with creating these delicious chocolate orange mini cakes!  Made with our Orange cake mix and based on a recipe similar to our Mini Passion Cakes.  Thanks Nanna.

Hoping to go on a live Instagram with Phil Thorne, a previous contestant on the Great British Bake Off on Saturday at 4pm, but there was a technical hitch preventing The Baking Nanna from doing so.  The ‘here’s one I made earlier’ cake, to show off at the end of the live performance was not wasted and here it is, as a lovely Chocolate & Orange Traybake.

We offered a prize on the #GBBOtwitterbakealong during cake week on The Bake Off – the winner of which was Shelia. Delighted with her cake mix prize and thanking us, Rob & Jackie, @thebakingnanna1 suggested she try a marble cake with the two mixes above. Shelia confirmed, a little later, “You weren’t wrong, combining the Chocolate Fudge and the Orange cake mixes made delicious brownies”. Pictures speak louder than words as you can see above.

More brownies! Well we can’t get enough of them & this is our Chocolate Fudge cake mix baked into Brownies. Lainie took a pack of the mix home and her 16 year old son, Jack had never baked in his life and couldnt resist having a go – fantastic for a first time – well done that man!

We had a giggle at Rich’s comments on our twitter page @Wrightsbaking who said “I’ve had the oven on, which with current prices is the working-class version of eating caviar and drinking champagne! Ciabatta mix on the left and Oat and Linseed on the right both from Wright’s”.  They look great Rich and thanks for your cheerful comments.

Another from Ian – thank you very much.  Again, made with our Madeira – this is a lovely, luscious Lemon Cake baked with a sprinkling of sugar for a crunchy topping great to counteract the sourness of the lemon – well that’s my excuse anyway!

Ready for this weekend’s coffee morning is John’s version of a Cherry and Almond Cake. It is based on our Madeira mix, with chopped cherries and ground almonds in the cake. It was sliced through the middle, and a layer of cherries and buttercream icing added. The top went back on, and was iced (icing sugar and water to the right consistency), then studded with more cherries and sprinkled with flaked almonds.

Finishing with one from Phil Thorne, previous contestant on The Bake Off, with his mini sandwich cakes. Phil kindly said they were made, “using Wright’s Chocolate Fudge cake mix, vanilla buttercream and topped with mini fudge bits.  Perfection every time”.  Thanks for your very kind comments, Phil.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful bakes & supporting #ClassicFMsBigBirthdayBake

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