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Recently Baked by you at home – for us all to enjoy!

August 11, 2021

Recently Baked by you at home – for us all to enjoy!

Oh Lisa – it’s gorgeous well done! We are featuring our Ginger mix performing perfectly – gimme 5 – slices that is please!

Paul created our Premium White in his new MasterClass 3 lb Loaf Tin used the dough programme on his Schneider bread machine then transferred it to the tin and popped it in his preheated 12l airfryer oven for 45mins.  Once risen, he baked on 185 °C for 30 minutes then turned it out and baked it again to crisp up the base for a further 5 minutes.

Terry has been creating a Jaffa Orange Cake with our Orange cake mix and a lovely slab of jelly on the top. Terry added a layer of apricot jam to the cake prior to adding the jelly and decorated it with chocolate icing & slices of chocolate orange. What a treat – thanks Terry.

Clare @airfryeruk on Instagram created these lovely little flat breads with our Cheddar & Sun-Dried Tomato bread mix. She followed the instructions on the pack and shaped them into mini pizzas. They were cooked one at a time in her Air Fryer, on 180 for around 8 minutes. So they did not catch on the bottom, Clare used a sheet of trusty grease proof paper under them – just in case. Perfect for a picnic!  

Our Toffee cake mix turned into a banana & toffee cake by Deborah, topped with homemade banana cream cheese and toffee sauce. Some call it banoffee – I call it a beauty!

We were sorry to hear that Nichola was in isolation – still, the time tempted her to make her first loaf with our Premium White mix – just perfect. Nichola asked us “Where’s the butter?” Hope you enjoyed it!

We enjoyed a bit of a Biscotti masterclass by @EatPoshNosh on Instagram – they baked up beautifully, using our Premium White bread mix as a base. When I asked what delights they were dunked in, they confirmed it was an espresso coffee – made for biscotti surely?

Very cheerful Chris – thank you for presenting your gorgeous Ginger & Lemon muffins with roasted hazelnuts. Chris said he “better put them away before Speedy Gonzales eats them all!” I am sure you created them speedily with our Ginger cake mix!

Maureen was working from home and had this marvellous Mixed Grain loaf to devour! Thanks for sharing your lovely loaf with us.

These are lovely aren’t they? They have a hidden message to me though – reinforcing the beauty of baking at home. William’s birthday cakes & he is the only one in the family to like white chocolate – he likes it very much actually so just a selection of these Chocolate Fudge cakes were decorated with white chocolate for him – the rest of the family can enjoy the others with a rum truffle on! Thanks for sharing these Sylv.

Nicola sent us in another picture of the next Oat & Linseed loaf going to guests staying at @cowshed_cottage (via Instagram) saying, “they come out perfectly each time & it takes minutes to prepare, so guests there are loving the bread! Thank you for making my life easier + making it look like I’ve been slaving away for hours!” Well, we were communicating about this on #FreedomDay & any of you with guest houses & holiday rentals are going to be busy enough!

Terry continues to enjoy our cake mixes, microwaved as a pudding. His latest summer fruits pudding claims to be an improvement on his last triumph as he has packed it with even more fruits of the forest, which you can pick up frozen, and this has been blended for a delicious drizzle on the top.

Looks like a pizza, or is it a calzone? No, just perfect pizza whirls! Created with ham, pepperoni, mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan pizza created with our clever Cheese & Onion bread mix as a base for a pizza, roll it up, cut into slices, prove and bake! Beautiful & thanks to Karen Mary for this fab idea!

Chris has made muffins with half a pack of our Orange cake mix and half a pack of our Madeira! He also added lemon juice & they look perfect – even Petunia Pig wants a bite, to go with her cup of tea! Thanks so much Chris.

Thanks so much Carol who used our Scone Mix to top her clever Chicken Cobbler.  The sweetened Scone mix benefits from a teaspoon of mustard to take the sweetness down when using it in a savoury dish.

Terry has also created this Pineapple Upside Down cake in his microwave at home – with just a 6 minute blast! With or without cherries & with or without custard – this perfect pineapple upside down cake was made with our marvellous Madeira Cake Mix.

Margaret has created a pizza with our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia Bread Mix. Adding some low fat grated cheese, tomato, salami & pepperoni. She made enough dough for two pizzas from the pack & popped the second one in the freezer for another time – great value – gorgeous pizza!

Lisa baked up our Orange cake mix using our Ginger cookies recipe, adding chocolate chips in place of the ginger pieces – superbly summery when served with a cool glass of orange squash. Thanks.

Finally – it’s been a year since we discovered that you can make a great Norfolk Fruit Cake with our Ginger Mix and it has been one of the most popular recipes ever! Terry has made a lovely job of our nice & nutty Norfolk Fruit Cake recipe idea – created with our gorgeous Ginger cake mix. Beautiful slices of brazil nuts infuse the spicey fruit cake here & Terry is now taking orders for Christmas!

Enjoy the summer – Deb the Bread

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