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July 14, 2022


We are featuring these terrific Cake Pops which can be made with any of our cake mixes – these are made with our Toffee Cake Mix.  This is the new way of eating cake and presentation can be an easily achieved wow factor – you will never know how effortless these are until you have a go as these a great family fun to make. They are also a great way to use up sprinkles from your kitchen cupboard.

Just a few recipe ideas to help you and your family through the summer. The best tip is to keep the kids involved – if they have grown it, picked it, helped to stir it or decorated it – they will want it.  If they have helped to pick strawberries for you to make jam to pop on your homemade scones – if it’s jam they have had a hand in, they will want to try it.

For a quick fix to a grazed elbow or knee or any tears before bedtime – try our incredibly quick Toffee Cake Mix and create a few Sticky Toffee Butterfly Cakes.  This recipe includes a few dates and is decorated with toffee shards.  I have often incorporated peanut butter into the topping in favour of the buttercream as I don’t know many children that do not enjoy that!

Stained glass biscuits are gift that keeps on giving! Decorate your biscuits with boiled sweets prior to baking, they can be used as place markers on the dinner table by using different coloured sweets, give them as a gift or use them as a dessert!  OK our recipe here is a little Christmassy but you get the idea and you & the kids will really enjoy these.

In baking a nice Cheesy Pesto Fougasse using our clever Classic Ciabatta Mix you can tell the kids the history of this bread as it takes its name from the latin, panis focacius which was a flat bread baked in the ashes of the hearth. This might be regarded as a primitive form of pizza, without the tomato, to children and Fougasse was traditionally used to assess the temperature of a wood fired oven. The time it would take to bake gives an idea of the oven temperature and whether the rest of the bread can then be baked. Bread is the worlds oldest food #respect!

Just wanted to show off a bit with this superb recipe for our Sparkler Sausages!  Wrapped in strips of our Premium White bread mix – you can spread mustard or ketchup on the sausages so they seep into the dough making it rather delicious! Great for little hands to hold too – when sufficiently cooled.

Now what kid doesn’t like garlic bread?  There is a lot of butter, fats, salt and calories in the shop bought ones.  Here is a terrific twist for you to bake at home and one that they can assist in helping to create – our Garlic & Herb Monkey Bread made with our Premium White Bread Mix or our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia, chives, garlic & parsley.  Great to take along to a summer barbeque too.

Now I know plenty of children that detest Marmite and many that love it – so, for those that do, how about these Mini Mite Loaves made with our marvellous Mixed Grain Bread Mix. This recipe can offer a cookery lesson to the children on the rudiments of yeast as these are delightfully different and very interesting to create. Due to the presence of the yeast extract required in the recipe, the dough requires extra yeast and a much longer rising period – believe me – they are worth waiting for!

Perfect to pop into little mouths as a treat are these Mini Panettone buns.  Full of fruit & not just for Christmas!

How about getting the kids involved over the school holidays by making their own Jaffa Cakes!  When Jaffa Cakes were on The Great British Bake Off as a technical challenge, I knew it would not be long before someone came up with a great recipe for home made Jaffa Cakes. The lovely thing about this classic is that it is chocolatey, very orangey and when made with half a pack of our Orange Cake Mix they taste even better! When you make your own, you can play around with the flavours of the jelly – so give it a go with our Orange Cake Mix as a base!  Our Orange mix is available in Morrison’s. The image is our recipe for a Giant Jaffa Cake, the link in the recipe above will enable you to make individual jaffa cakes – do have a go

These Chocolate Mice Cakes are gorgeous little cakes to please gorgeous little faces anytime and another recipe for full family involvement – if you can keep Dad out of the chocolate frosting pot!

Now here is a crowd pleasing cake for those lovely little faces you are seeing so much of currently! Made with our Madeira mix – adorned with chocolate fingers and then laden with lovely Dolly Mixtures! Why not get the kid’s involved with something like this throughout the holidays? Thanks to our home baking club member, Sarah for this scrumptious idea!

A baking weekend for the start of school holidays & Lacey made a pizza for Saturday night’s dinner with our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato mix as a base – well done Lacey it looks absolutely awesome.  A treat for mum, dad & little sister Evie. Presented on a heart shaped pizza base.

Perfect for summer holidays are these Ice Cream Cone Cakes!  No, your eyes do not deceive you! Baking in a flat based cone causes no detriment to the cone itself – we have enjoyed Chocolate Fudge cake cones as well as Toffee from our range of cake mixes.

Good wishes for a safe summer holiday – Deb the Bread

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