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October 25, 2022


Let’s make this year a great Halloween, celebrating the weekend before it arrives on the Monday & carry on celebrating until the next weekend! Enjoy some home baked treats made easily with our brilliant BREAD and clever CAKE MIXES.

We believe the following ideas are certainly “Pumpkin” to Shout About!

Thanks to the clever Cakey Goodness people – Master of Bun! For these SPIDER WEB/HALLOWEEN BUNS.  There is an easy step by step recipe on THE LINK HERE  they are made with a mix of our PREMIUM WHITE & CIABATTA mixes.

Why not surprise everyone with a piñata type cake – fill with sweets you would usually hand out at Halloween and cover it with fondant or butter cream for a sweet surprise?  Here is one by The Baking Nanna made with our CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE MIX – I know the buttercream on the finished cake is just fabulous but you get the gist – simply cut the centre of the baked cake out with a round cookie cutter or wide mug  & fill with sweets prior to decorating.

Looking for something more savoury for your spooky soiree this Halloween?  How about creating Witches Finger Rolls with our bread mix? Our PREMIUM WHITE creates the perfect WITCHES FINGER’S ROLLS as you can roll your dough with this mix quite thinly otherwise they will start to rise and fatten up!– they taste pretty good too!

How about these perfect PUMPKIN CAKES?  Made with our clever CARROT CAKE MIX – you can colour the icing if desired and make your own spooky decorations!

Carolann Cake Creations – made this heavenly Halloween cake with our CHOCOLATE FUDGE MIX!

Have fun with these SPOOKY SPIDER CUPCAKES this Halloween, made easily but effectively with Wright’s TOFFEE CAKE MIX they are simply decorated with liquorice and sweets and will have the whole family entering into the spirit at this fun time. Great to have by the door for trick or treaters who come knocking – they will not expect a creepy spider cake put in their hand!

Thanks Jackie for your Halloween Cake featured here. Made with our MADEIRA and delightfully decorated with matching cupcakes!

Vanessa provided these great cupcakes with our CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE MIX base but confirmed any of our cake mixes would work!

And there are more mummies – in the form of bread with these hot dogs, made with thin strips of our PREMIUM WHITE BREAD MIX wrapped around them, proved and then baked for 15 minutes – look at the mustard blobs for eyes!

Cupcakes or Muffins made from any of our CAKE MIXES can be decorated agghmazingly! How about these with brain buttercream – scream!

Below are Linda’s spooktacular CAKE POPS for Halloween – just Eerie-sistible!

Any of our bread mixes can be turned into WITCHES FINGER ROLLS and Sue managed twenty witches fingers from one 500g pack.

Armed with a few bottles of green food colouring (the gel or paste varieties work best), Sue dyed her dough and made 20 small log shapes, keeping them as thin as possible as they rise up. After proving for 25 minutes, she flattened one end slightly and press a blanched almond into the end for a fingernail then using the dull side of a butter knife, make lines suggesting knuckles. Just before baking the WITCHES FINGERS, Sue shaped them into a slightly bent shape so that they look like grabbing fingers. They baked in approx 15 minutes and when cooled, she dribbled some red colouring around the nails and bases for that just severed look! Although they looked as though they would scare the dead back into their graves, they tasted nice! Sue, pictured here makes hers with a stinky cheese infusion!

As Halloween is nearly here, it seems that cauldron cupcakes keep dropping in, there’s the traditional and liberal use of black food colouring on everything edible and no shortage of ideas from Edith with her GINGER cupcakes that are topped terrifically above!

‘Witch’ cupcakes are your favourite?

Nice looking lunch idea, Karen has gone for a Thai pumpkin & coconut soup with a freshly baked Malty loaf – made from our mix. I am not sure which of these two are going to be more delicious! Thanks so much Karen – enjoy.

As we approach Halloween and are thinking of ways in which we can celebrate it, I just had to show off Eat Posh Nosh’s on Instagram’s Pumpkin shaped bread that she created with our MIXED GRAIN BREAD MIX.  Proved with string to create a pumpkin appearance then cut with a lame.  Zaynub thanks so much for sharing your lovely loaf with us. 

Clever this Halloween Pizza – a nice thin crust formed from our PREMIUM WHITE PIZZA RECIPE, you will need thickly cut Baby Bel or mozzarella cheese to create the ghosts with peppercorns for eyes.

We are loving Elizabeth’s Halloween offerings her CARROT CAKE Pumpkins look pleasantly plump and totally adorable.

Elizabeth also created these TOFFEE CAKE ghosts with our mix & fondant!

More cupcakes made with our clever CARROT CAKE MIX – spookily topped with a spider or an iced on spiders web.

Another agghmazing idea are these Madeira Cupcakes made by Emma – aged 6! She wanted to colour the buttercream topping in a sludge colour so incorporated black & green colouring. Topped with lots of fondant eyeballs – they were a real treat for Nan & Grandad this year!

Thanks to Hannah on Instagram @WHATCANHANNAHDO for such a perfect idea ahead of Halloween.You should yield 8 perfect little pumpkin rolls ? from one 500g pack of our PREMIUM WHITE BREAD MIX – you are all very welcome!

Alison decided to try the seasonal pumpkin shaped loaf that she had seen so much of recently where you tie the dough with string and it swells to shape itself like a pumpkin. Alison used our CHEDDAR CHEESE & ONION bread mix for this bake, saying it was “a little magic with some string and a bit of cheese on top!” Thanks so much.

Thanks for all your agghmazing ideas – keep them coming!

Deb the Bread

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