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Christmas & New Year Recipe Ideas

December 17, 2021

Christmas & New Year Recipe Ideas

Just a few quick links here will take you quickly to our selection of festive recipes for your baking this Christmas – like this fabulous Festival Cake – made with that clever Carrot Cake Mix & much love.

For the more savouries among you, how about this Christmas & New Year Ring – made with Malty bread mix & pride!

Our Stollen is here, made easily with our Premium White bread mix, softened butter, sugar & sultanas.

Home made Turkey Parcels – made with our Premium White & lots of lovely leftovers!

Pecan Passion Bundt Cakes – made with Carrot cake mix, parsnips and pecan nuts!

Mulled Wine Bundt Ring – made with our Madeira mix & mulled wine mmmm! Drivers beware – it’s alcoholic!

Our Panettone – made with or without green angelica or peel to suit you and your families taste – using our Premium White bread mix.  The beauty of baking at home is reflected in this recipe as you usually bake with whatever the family favourite is and not with what the family doesn’t like! For example, I love Panettone & the perfect one for me contains NO fruit peel nor green angelica – so I am best making myself, in order to omit those ingredients.

Apricot & Almond Stollen Bars – made with half a pack of either Premium White or CiabattaThis lovely light Stollen is an excellent idea to present to guests over the festive period.

Whilst we are here to help you with Christmas bakes, we will soon be thinking about stuffing the bird and you can take your favourite stuffing to the next level with our bread mixes. I am sure you’ll want to create your very own fabulous concoction from scratch in using our various bread mixes!  On Christmas Eve I will be drying out my bread for stuffing, probably using our Cheddar & Sundried Tomato to give a special flavour, although the Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia works wonderfully as does our Cheddar Cheese & Onion – decisions! For many, Christmas day dinner is not just about the turkey, but rather what lies within to enhance it! Use a day old loaf made from your chosen bread mix, ensure it is firm and leave the crust on, cut the bread into ½ inch cubes and air-dry overnight. If you add fruit, vegetables or sausage meat to your stuffing, be sure they are cooked and cut in relative proportion to the bread cubes. Add enough liquid to keep the stuffing mix moist but not soggy – chicken soup adds a wonderful flavour for this part of the stuffing recipe.  You will find that once you have created your own stuffing, you will never go back to the dry packets of what looks like cat litter to me and what is better than creating a stuffing from a loaf you lovingly made at home? 

How about these beautiful Rum Truffles? Made with our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix. Great to offer around at Christmas and lovely to give as a homemade gift.

Our Rum & Raisin Bundt recipe here is perfect for Christmas time – the warming flavours and the gorgeous glaze made is one you will want to make again and again and not just with our clever Carrot Cake Mix

Christmas Cupcakes – made with our gorgeous Ginger cake mix & a marzipan topper.

Saving the best until last?  These Gingerbread Stained Glass Biscuits are just Wright for Christmas – a gift that keeps on giving!  Decorate your tree with them prior to eating them, use them as place markers on the dinner table by writing the name on the biscuit, give them as gifts or use them as a dessert with coffee after dinner!

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